Posted by: mommyq | May 6, 2005

The babies are coming, the babies are coming….

So, when I first became pregnant, my due date was June 25th and I had joined and started posting at a pregnancy message board in the Due In June section. My due date was then changed to July 8th but I never stopped posting at the board because I had gotten to know the ladies there and heck…I could still possibly deliver in June right?

Well, I logged onto the board this morning and TWO of the Due in June mommies gave birth on the weekend at approximately 35 weeks!!! They posted their birth stories and pictures and I gotta say, it sent me in to a bit of a shock!!! I will be 35 weeks in 4 WEEKS so this baby could come any time! So, it has gotten me thinking that I should start making a move to pack my hospital bag or at least making a list of everything that I want to bring with me.

I’m going to be having a baby soon and I will be a MOM. There is going to be this little person that is completely and totally reliant on me! That is HUGE! I mean, I am still excited for Sydney’s arrival but I think the fear is now starting to creep in with the excitement!



  1. AHHHHHHHH!! You’re not packed yet!!?? LMAO!

    Syd will be here soon!! I can’t wait to meet her! 🙂

    • Start packing 🙂

      Don’t be scared, you have Pat and your mom and all your friends, and I know being a mom will come naturally to you.

      BTW, how are you feeling this week?


      • Thanks Cath.

        I am actually feeling much better today! My ears are still infected but, the congestion is getting better and my ears are not as plugged as they were.

    • I guess I just felt silly being packed 2 months in advance! 😦

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