Posted by: mommyq | May 9, 2005

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies out there! 🙂

We had a great weekend! Saturday we had a friends wedding and Pat was an usher so it was a full day affair! The weather was wonderful and the day went off without a hitch! We then spent the evening dancing and having fun. I think Syd really enjoyed the music because she was flipping and thumping the night away! HA My hubby looked very snazzy in his tux (I honestly think men should wear tuxes on a regular basis because they always look so damn good!!!) and he really enjoyed being part of the wedding party!

We ended up getting home at about 12:30 and I decided to shower since it is the only thing that helps with the congestion and I wanted to be able to breath!! When I got out of the shower, Pat was already in bed and on my pillow was my first EVER mother’s day present! 😀 It was a really nice card keepsake box that I had had my eye on and in it was a card from Sydney and 2 from daddy!! LOL (One funny and the other was mushy!) We slept in till 11am on Sunday and then got ready and went out for a nice brunch at Denny’s. The weather was so nice we went for a drive around and visited and basically just did whatever for the rest of the day! LOL It was a perfect Mother’s day!!

Then, today I FINALLY got to see the dietitian and it was a great appointment! I have a food journal that I have been keeping since last week and it was nice to sit with her and understand how to eat to control the blood sugar number. In most cases, it really is as simple as getting the right combination of foods and making sure that you limit the intake of items that increase your blood sugar. Basically, starches, dairy, fruits and some veggies will have an impact on your blood sugar and proteins, oils/fats, and veggies have no impact. The idea is to balance out and get something from each group at each meal but to limit the amounts from the first categories and fill up on the ones in the free category. Pretty simple once it is explained!

So, I have my little monitor and my new food education so, this should be enough to keep everything in check! I meet with my MW on Thursday and then consult with an OB next Friday so as long as my blood sugar numbers stay in the normal range, I wont have to have any insulin injections!



  1. Happy Pre-Mothers Day Sue!!

    I really hope you are feeling better 🙂


    • Thanks Cath.

      I am almost back to normal. Still have some swelling in my ear but, they aren’t leaking or plugged any longer. I may see if the pharmacy has some drops just to help speed up the last of the ear problems!

  2. Interesting!! How often do you have to check your blood sugar?

    Sounds like you had a great Mommy-to-be day!!! 🙂

    • I have to test 4 times per day! 😦 First thing in the morning and then 1 hour after breakfast, lunch and diner! I really feel for people that have real diabetes because 8 weeks of this will be more than enough. I could not even imagine having to do this forever.

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