Posted by: mommyq | May 15, 2005

Long time no update!!!

I have been so busy this week and have had so many things to update about but not enough time! Even today, I am sneaking in some computer time before getting ready to go out!

Firstly, Patrick and I don’t seem to be having very much luck with buying a house! LOL We went out house hunting on Wednesday and found the PERFECT home for us! MLS Listing. The pictures don’t even do this house justice. It was PERFECT! So, we went right back to our agents office and put in an offer for the listing price (we did not want to risk losing it!) Well, as our luck would have it, the couple had purchased a house just the night before and it wasn’t closing until DECEMBER 1st!!!! So, they were not willing to budge on the closing date and we were not willing to wait until December 1st to move in. Their agent tried to convince them to sell and then just move in somewhere until the house was ready as this was a guaranteed sell and they were getting the price they wanted but they would not even consider it! 😦 So, we are back out on Monday to look at some others but now that we have found one that was SOOO PERFECT for us, it is going to be hard to settle for anything less.

I had another MW appointment this week and it went well. I lost another pound but again, the baby is measuring all fine and good so no concerns. My blood sugars have been excellent all week with the only high ones being first thing in the morning which the dietitian said cannot be controlled because it has to do with our livers excreting sugars during the night. My midwife has booked me in for an appointment with an OB just as a consult and check-up. She doesn’t feel there is any reason to transfer care but would still like to send me off to see him and then let it be my call.

We tried again on Thursday with the 3D U/S and it looks like Sydney shall remain a mystery until birth! LMAO She wasn’t moving as much this session but my little girl is already head down deep into my pelvis so there was very little amniotic fluid surrounding her face. According to the U/S tech it is the fluid that offers the contrast required to render a good image in 3D. We did get to see a little bit of her face and managed to catch her sticking her tongue out and sucking on her fingers. Patrick is convinced he saw her give us “thumbs up”! HA HA

Well, I probably have more to update but I should start getting ready as I have a bridal shower to go to today!



  1. What a nice house – I’m so sorry that you didn’t get it. At least everything is well with Miss Syd. Speaking of Miss Syd, sounds like she’s quiet the sassy one – already sticking out her tongue at her parents 🙂 LOL

    • Well, if she is anything like her mom, sassy will be a given! LOL Pat has already started to prepare himself!

      • Sue, that is such a nice house. Do you know if any others on the street are for sale? You should have your agent keep an eye out. I especially liked the kitchen, and the huge front porch and the nice sized backyard. I wouldn’t settle, I’d wait for something on that street, it’s really nice! Why don’t you just close in December?

        Hey, btw are you guys going to Jake’s party on Saturday? Believe it or not, my significant other will be attending with me (haha)


      • Hey Cath!! We will be there but we will be late! We have our last pre-natal class on Saturday and it ends at 3:30 so we are heading straight over after that so should be there by 4pm! So, I hope you guys aren’t planning on just staying at the party for a little bit!!

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