Posted by: mommyq | May 20, 2005

Busy Day!

Today was a busy day! I was up at 6:30 this morning as I had to drive Pat into work so I could take the car. I had my OB consultation this morning at 9:45 at Markham Stouffville and there is not much to report. He looked at my blood sugar numbers and was happy with them so, he sees no reason at this point to transfer care over to him. What he did do was to book me in each week for a non-stress test which basically means they strap some electrodes to my belly and check Syd’s heartbeat while she is at rest and then wait for her to move and compare her resting hearbeat to her “active” heartbeat. As long as she is “responsive” meaning it increases with movement, all is good!

So, every Friday till my due date, I will go into the clinic to get this test done and, as long as the results are normal, there is no need to induce early or consider a C-section!! (YAY!)

I also met with the dietitian today to follow-up and she was happy with my numbers as well. She made some minor tweaks to my meal plan just to see if we can get the morning numbers lower but, she wasn’t too concerned.

And now, I have to go and pick Patrick up from work and we need to go suit PANT shopping. I guess for all of this pregnancy weight that I am losing, my loving husband is gaining it because his suit pants no longer fit (and this is with them already being let out once! :)). LOL


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