Posted by: mommyq | May 30, 2005

A good weekend!

Another busy but fun weekend. However, I am paying the price today because I am EXHAUSTED and sore!

Friday was my first non-stress test and it was SO much fun! Patrick wasn’t working so he came along as well and said he enjoyed this even more than the U/S. Basically, they laid me down for 20 minutes and hooked up 2 monitors. (basically the same machine they will hook me up to when I am in labour) One measures the babies heartbeat and the other measures contractions. I was then given a little button that is attached to the machine and told to push it whenever I felt the baby move. Syd’s resting heartrate was at about 160-163 which is on the high end of normal. Once the nurse had me all hooked up, she left to go and monitor the other lady and had Pat hold the fetal monitor. It was the funniest thing because as soon as daddy touched my belly, Syd started moving up a STORM! LOL When she moved, her heartrate went up as it was supposed to. You could hear her moving with the fetal monitor and she was just going crazy! LOL When the nurse came back she was laughing at us. LOL She said part of the test they check to make sure that the baby moves 4 times in the 20 minute testing period and Syd had already moved about 7 at about 5 minutes into it. Pat actually said that even though I was always telling him how active she was, he never really realized the extent! LOL In the full 20 minutes, we had about 30 or so movements recorded!

Saturday was girls day! My girlfriends and I decided to take a trip up to St. Jacob’s Market which is near Kitchener. So, we rented a minivan for the day and headed up there in the morning. We were on the road at about 8:45 as we had to stop in Guelph to pick up our girlfriend. So, we had a good 2 hours on the way up to laugh and gab and gossip! Our only worry was the weather as we had heard rumours of rain but, the weather held out and didn’t start raining till we got to the van to leave! When spent the first part of the day walking around the outside market. At about 11:15 we passed a Shwarma vendor and the smells that were coming from it were just WAY to good to pass up so we had an early lunch! LOL They had lamb, beef and chicken Shwarma (which I had never had before but it was AWESOME!) and then they had these smoked turkey drumsticks which had been cooking all day! Mmmmmmm. They also had freshly made lemonade that they served with Strawberries! Once we were done with the outside market, we went back to the car to unload all of our purchases. Then, we went to the inner food market which had butchers, cheese vendors, etc. etc. The prices were really good and if we hadn’t just done a Costco run to stock up on meat, I would have bought tons! After the meat market, the girls wanted Perogies so we made our second food stop of the day! The girls laughed at me because at that point, I hadn’t purchased anything that I didn’t consume! LOL On our way to the car, we went through teh inside market and I found a great vendor that sold wooden signs that you could buy pre-made/painted or you could buy the back and the letters and do yourself. I had been looking for something like this for Syd’s room but the only place I had seen anything decent was Pottery Barn and they charged $10 per letter!! I got the back piece, the letters S Y D N E Y and two wooden flowers for $27! So, I now have to decide on colors, paint it and glue it together! We left the market at about 2:00PM and were back home for about 4:30PM! It was a great day!

Sunday we went to my mom’s house for Oliva’s birthday party! I cannot believe how fast my nieces are growing up! Olivia turned 7 and Madalaine turned 8 this year!! It makes me sad because I know our kids are going to grow up just as quickly! The party started at 1PM but Patrick had to work. SO, I had my mom come and get me and then he headed over at about 3:30 once he was done. We had a great time and played some fun games planned by the event co-ordinator Madalaine! LOL Being the fashion diva that Oliva is, we decided to get her clothes and so did Billy and Cathy. So, as soon as she opened the gifts she was off like a shot to try everything on! LOL During my vist to my mom’s house, I received a phone call from my friend Laura. She got ENGAGED that morning and was calling to share the news! I am so excited for her as she has found a great guy and she deserves nothing but the best!!!!!!

We got home at about 7PM last night and both of us showered, changed into our jammies and crashed in our comfy bed to watch a movie.

Today, I have tons to do as well but I am taking the morning off! LOL Today is my hubbies birthday (he turned 32!! so I am planning on making him a nice dinner.



  1. Sounds like a great girls day!!!! Man, you got a great deal on those letters!! I looked into getting them for Natalia and it was going to cost me a fortune to do them. I was going to get all the letters, paint them the colour of her bedding and hang each individual letter by a matching ribbon, but I ran out of time! LMAO!

    Happy 32nd b-day to Patrick!!!! Hope you guys have a great night. 🙂

    • I wanted to do the bigger letters originally as well. My plan was to put them on a shelf as they have those that stand up on their own. But, it would have cost me about $60 to do it and in the end, that is a LOT of money to spend for something so not useful! LOL

      Patrick says thanks for the birthday call and the birthday wishes!!! He had to work during the day but we had a nice evening!!

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