Posted by: mommyq | June 6, 2005

Great weekend!

Well, I think I can officially be branded as the crazy pregnant lady. I decided Saturday afternoon that it would be a good idea to shimmy out the stove and do a MASSIVE cleaning behind it! LOL During our pre-natal classes, we were told that one of the signs that labour was near was an increase in energy. She said, “you may come home and find your wife trying to move the fridge”. So, of course when Pat walked into the kitchen and found me huffing and puffing with the stove, he was convinced that I was about to pop! LMAO

Sunday we had my SIL’s bridal shower and it was loads of fun! I managed to pull together an outfit (which is getting harder and harder as the weeks get on!!) but it was so warm out that I was melting. Thanks to Syd and the wonderful hormones of pregnancy, I have what looks like a rash on my arms so I have been avoiding wearing anything that shows it! I don’t think I will be able to hold out much longer because it is getting WARM! I have been avoiding buying any new maternity clothes because I won’t need them for much longer but I think I will have to buy at least 1 more outfit for my baby shower. I cannot wait to see everyone next week! Oh, thanks to my wonderful husband, my toes are now also painted a nice pink color! I tried to do it myself but there was NO way that was happening!!

In other news, I think we may have to return out travel system. My mom bought us an Eddie Bauer travel system for the baby which is basically a stroller that has an infant seat that clicks into it. Well, we put the car seat into our back seat on the weekend and it is HUGE. Also, because the click for removing the seat is at the back, it makes it hard to get in and out of the car. WE are going to install it completely this week and see how it goes but, I am pretty sure it will have to go back and be exchanged for a model with a smaller infant seat and base. I am guessing because it is an “Eddie Bauer” travel system, it is probably designed for an SUV or bigger vehicle!



  1. Hey Suzie!

    Hang in there girl!! Man it sucks to be pg in the summer, eh? Just think of how crappy it would be to be due in August!!!! LOL!!

    I think you should splurge on a few light weight summer outfits for yourself. If murphy’s law has anything to do with it, Syd will be born only a few days after you go shopping! LOL! You need to be comfortable these last few weeks!

    As far as the travel system goes…welcome to the crazy world of “the pursuit of the perfect stroller”. I am STILL searching, and have now owned 6 different strollers (not including the little umbrella strollers), and have not really been happy with any of them! I am actually returning the one we got a few months ago, b/c it keeps breaking!! UGH!!!! I hate to admit it, but you get what you pay for…we are looking at the Peg Perego Pliko stroller now.

    Good luck finding a system!!
    Can’t wait to see you this weekend!!!!!!!!!

    • There are some advantages to being VERY pregnant in the summer. I don’t have to wear shoes with laces! LOL It wouldn’t be so bad if I could wear tank-tops without looking like a leper! I have this odd hormone induced rash that looks like crap. Maybe I will just invest in some good body make-up! HA HA

      See, I love love love the stroller that comes with the EB travel system. I just remember how sturdy it was compared to the others and how easy turning and stuff was. Oh well, back to the drawing board. We will probably go out this weekend if we get a chance and test drive some more. I know Bonnie Togs carries the Peg Perego travel systems so we may do some price comparing there as well. FUN FUN FUN!

  2. The Eddie Bauer system is also slightly larger than the other brands. The baby can be in it till they are 22lbs rather than 20lbs and it goes till they are slightly longer so you get a little bit longer use out of it. I have a Safety First one that is almost identical and it is big too – but I want to put up with it being slightly large to get the extra months out of it. Good luck finding a new one! I know Graco makes their snugglerides smaller (only to 20lbs).

    • Thanks for pointing that out! I never would have noticed but you are absolutely right! I don’t mind the size for carrying it is just I know it will be a pain to get in and out of the car…especially when the baby is sleeping and we are trying our damnedest NOT to wake her!

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