Posted by: mommyq | June 7, 2005

And the cleaning continues…

I am sad to report that my fridge is anchored to the floor! 😦 I made an attempt to move it yesterday and then I had Pat try when he got home but it looks like in order to move it, it has to be lifted. So, the under the fridge cleaning will have to wait till another man comes to visit! LOL I did manage to clean my freezer and bleach my floor yesterday so all was not lost! 😉

At about 7:30 or so, I had had enough and decided that I was in desperate need of a shower. So, I grab my towels and jump in. When I am done, I go to reach for my towel and silly me…I left it on the counter. Normally, I will put down the seat and have my towels waiting for me there but yesterday for some reason I didn’t. I get my hair all wrapped up and as I grab for the body towel, I almost lost my balance and DROPPED the towel in the toilet! As I am lifting it out (I wanted to grab it before the entire thing got soaked) I said, “Oh S&#$!” and my husband from the living room could only hear what sounded like a massive amount of water hitting the water in the toilet! I have never seen a man move so fast. I hear him say “OMG, did you water just break!” as he ran for the bathroom! I couldn’t help but laugh and even now as I am recounting the story I am sitting here killing myself laughing! It was the cutest thing! Well, at least I know he will be on the ball when labour really does roll around!!



  1. Hello

    I stumbled across your website researching lungs of babies in diabetic mothers where the gestation is only 36 weeks. I’m entering my 36th week and I feel like this baby is going to come out any day now! I hope her lungs will be strong enough. Congrats and I love your pregnancy journal… how fun! Like your website too! I’m Jodi from Southern California and this will be my 2nd.. I have a two year old boy. I hope you will post when you have the baby too!

    • Re: Hello

      Thanks, I am glad that you enjoyed it! And, I most certainly will be posting as soon as the baby arrives!

      Congrats on your second baby! Everything I have read suggests that babies lungs at 36 weeks are ready to breath but, I am not sure if they would err on the side of caution and still give you the steroid shot. But, I have my fingers crossed that your baby stays in and cooks for a little while longer just to be sure! 😀

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