Posted by: mommyq | June 13, 2005

Exhausted but HAPPY!

It was a great weekend! We had Saturday designated as cleaning day and we did so much work in the morning! In the afternoon we had a nice visit from Oliver, Dana and the kids! They had to head out early as they already had dinner plans but they had not visited us in teh condo so they passed by for a few hours.

Sunday was my baby shower and OMG, my daughter is already spoiled rotten and will be one well dress child! As I had predicted, nobody can resist buying clothes for little girls so Miss Sydney already has quite the wardrobe! So many sweet little outfits in various sizes so she is set until 1 year of age! I am currently in the laundering process and trying to figure out what gets washed with what and how so I will be sure to take some pictures once it is all done! Also, thanks to all of the wonderfully experienced mommies that were at my shower, I pretty much have all of the “practical” stuff that is required. Pat and I are heading out this weekend to pick up a baby monitor and a diaper bag and we are good to go! With the help of Oliver, Pat was able to install the car seat on Sunday and we are happy to report, the Eddie Bauer one fits in the back seat so we are NOT returning it!! YAY It was such a nice afternoon being able to visit with everyone! The weather was a bit warm for an outdoor affair but there was always the air conditioned house to duck in to when it was needed! We got home last night at about 7pm or so but by the time we unpacked all of the baby stuff, organized it and went through it, it was 10:30!!

Pat had an interview this morning with another training company. The job would be in Toronto but for the interview he had to drive to their place in Sauble Beach. Because I am such a great wife, I joined him for the 3+ hour drive. So, we were up this morning at 4am and out the door by 5! We had a nice drive up this morning with me being “chipper” and poor Pat having to deal with it during his first coffee of the day! HA HA Then, about 2 hours into the drive, I ran out of steam and Pat’s coffee kicked in so the “chipper” passed from me to him! LOL We passed this really nice house as we were driving along and I stuck my hand out the window to point it out…this was the hand that was holding the directions and wouldn’t you know it, the wind picked up and pulled the directions right out of my hand! LMAO Pat pulled over right away, got out of the car and started running back to where they had landed. I got out of the car and watched him chase the papers down. They were on the shoulder but every time a car would drive past, the wind would pick them up and flip them around! LMAO I was sure that they would end up in the ditch. But, Pat managed to get them and as soon as they were safe in his hands, I just bent over the hood of the car as I could no longer contain my laughter! THESE THINGS ONLY HAPPEN TO ME! We made it to the interview with no further mishaps and I napped in the car during that time. Then, before heading back, we stopped in and had breakfast to give us some fuel for the drive home! We made a few stops and a few scenic tours on the way home and got back to the condo at about 3PM. I napped for about 1/2 an hour but am still pretty worn out. I have been having some MAJOR braxton hicks yesterday and all day today so I am really feeling everything!

Well, I should go as it sounds like my laundry load is done and ready for the next batch!!

We have an US tomorrow morning so, I will update as soon as we get home!



  1. What a trip!

    I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the shower – you aren’t kidding when you say that Miss Syd is decked out for some time 🙂

    LOL What a trip though. I can just see Pat realizing that you lost the directions and how quickly he must have moved to jump out of the car to catch the papers.

    Good luck on the US tomorrow!

    • Re: What a trip!

      Oh yes, and I know he was cursing me under his breath UNTIL he got them back in his hot little hands! Then it became funny!

  2. OMG Sue!!!!! I am LMAO!!!!!!

    Why were we not there to witness that one!! LOL!!! Too funny. 🙂

    We had such a great time at the shower. Man, we were going to leave early and STILL closed the place! 😉

    You have to take a pic of ALL the clothes she got! She is one spoiled girl already…

    • It was priceless and classic SUE! LOL

      Was there ever any doubt you guys would be the last to leave? I knew as soon as Jake fell back asleep that you were in for the long haul! ha ha

      We are picking up her dresser today and I have the first batch of clothes ready to put away!!!

      • Pictures Sue!! I will need to see pictures! 😉

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