Posted by: mommyq | June 14, 2005

Back from the US!

We had the biophysical profile US done today! Basically, they measure the baby to determine size and weight and they check amniotic fluid levels, and the placenta and just ensure that the baby is happy! Everything looked good with the exception of the amniotic fluid levels which were still in the normal range but a bit on the LOW side. The tech basically advised to have more “take it easy” time and said my MW would probably recommend another check at a later date. According to the measurements, our little pumpkin is currently weighing in at a nice 6lbs 4oz which is on par with where she should be at this stage in development and puts me on track for having a 7 and a 1/2 pounder at full term (which I am hoping I go sooner!!). She also mentioned that Syd’s head was VERY low (guess all of the walking and “other stuff” has paid off!) so she could not get a great measure of her head.

We purchased a baby monitor this morning but are going to exchange it this afternoon when we go to get the dresser as both channels are giving us static. We are not sure if it is the condo that is causing this or just a bad monitor. The one we got was the Safety First seen here:

because we liked the idea of the two parents units. So, we will probably give another one of the mid-price range ones a try and if htat doesn’t work, we can go for the more expensive ones that are based on cell phone technology as they have a 1500 foot range!

We are heading out this afternoon to pick up Syd’s dresser so I will be able to start putting away her clothes and I can also put out some of her keepsake stuff! Well, I am off to go and put my feet up for a bit as my wonderful hubby is making me lunch!


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