Posted by: mommyq | June 15, 2005

As promised…here are the pictures:

Well, with Syd’s stuff almost all away, as promised, I took some pictures:

First we have ALL of her stuff after we got it home and sat on the couch and unpacked everything! I call it organized confusion:

Next,we have all of her big girl outfits. Basically, I sorted all the clothes by 0-6 and 6+. I washed folded and put away 0-6 and anything 6+, I have put away into a Rubbermaid bin to come out when she is older:

And now, her dresser top:

The box has all of her bibs and little accessories like soothers and clips etc. I figure this way it is handy for when we need it. The picture frame is ready and waiting for our first photo and she has her first dollies, her piggy bank (which Daddy has already started to fill with change!!!) and the little containers awaiting her first tooth and curl!

We bought a 5 drawer chest and have already filled 4 of the drawers. Drawer #4 will be reserved for pants and sweaters I think:

Drawer 1 – Shoes and Accessories (hats/socks etc.)

Drawer 2 – T-shirts, tank tops and short sleeve sleepers:

Drawer 3 – Long sleeve sleepers

Drawer 5 – Receiving Blankets

Then we have her closet items which are mostly her two piece outfits:

And lastly, a pic of her current going home outfit (this will probably change a million times between now and when we leave for the hospital! LOL)

Things I still have to do:

1. Wash and hang her dressier clothes. Most of the tags on that stuff said wash separately so I am doing that today and will re-post the hang up stuff picture once her fancy little outfits are added! LOL

2. Take a picture of her new little chair which is currently holding her diaper basket and which Patrick and I have dubbed “the naughty chair” (that will only make you laugh if you watch Supernanny!)

3. Organize her bigger basket to hold all of her bath stuff, towels and washcloths.

4. Purchase another larger white wicker basket for all of her beautiful blankets.

That is all that I can think of for now. I am a woman on a mission and have totally enjoyed being a crazed pregnant lady the last few days and getting everything organized!!!!!



  1. WOW! That’s a lot of pink! It looks great!

    Love her new dresser. 🙂

    Now all you need is Sydney!

    • It is SOO much pink I could not believe it! LOL Well, it certainly makes it easier when doing laundry as they all state wash with similar colors! LMAO

  2. Sydney is going to be one high fashion princess 🙂

    Take Care


    • LOL

      Oh boy, I don’t know if her daddy can handle a high fashion princess. I should start a betting pool one when he loses all of his hair!

  3. Wow!!

    Suzie, you are so organized!! Everything looks great, now all you need is Sydney! I love the going home outfit!!!

    • Re: Wow!!

      Thanks Nicole. I am currently going through crazy pregnant lady mode where I am constantly arranging and re-arranging. I hope she just arrives soon because I cannot handle it any more!

  4. Holy Smokes

    I can’t believe that she’s got a dresser and closet full of clothes already? What are you going to do when she comes and you’re walking in the mall and see something completely great? You will have to say “Ah, what’s one more thing?” LOL

    Lucky little girlie!

    • Re: Holy Smokes

      I am sure I will buy it and justify that it is for a “special occasion”.

      She certainly is one lucky little girl…I just hope she likes pink! LMAO

      • Re: Holy Smokes

        Or you could always get another dresser…..

      • Re: Holy Smokes

        Hopefully with her outgrowing things so quickly, two dressers won’t be need!! :::crossing my fingers::::

  5. Wow Sue, Sydney has more clothes than I do!!! (haha)

    What are you going to do if Sydney ends up being a Simon? All the clothes are pink!

    I love the dresser, it’s really nice.


    • LOL..Pat and I were saying the same thing!

      It was funny because now that I have all of this pink..I am a little nervous of the whole sex thing! LOL I mean, we CLEARLY saw girl parts on more than one occasion during the US and there has NEVER been any sign of a penis but, now that I have all this pink..I am worried! LOL

  6. Holy Pink Batman!!

    It was a wonderful shower and I’m glad to see Sydney will be the new best-dressed kid on the block!!

    • Re: Holy Pink Batman!!

      Yes, with all of these clothes, we will have to get dressed up and go visiting all of the time!

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