Posted by: mommyq | June 16, 2005

I need help!

OK, I officially think I am losing it! I just re-organized Syd’s hang up clothes to make sure that all of the outfits were facing the right direction and the hangers hooked the right way over the bar!!!!!!!!! I then also moved some outfits from hangers to drawers because “I didn’t like the way they looked on the hangar!!”

I am just waiting for the rain to stop and I am going for a walk because I think I may be a bit stir crazy! LOL

I also started setting up the living room changing area so that I don’t constantly have to go looking for stuff when she needs to be changed:

And, our bags are all packed and ready to go!

We packed the diaper bag will all of Syd’s stuff so we had enough room in the suitcase for mine and Pat’s things.

Thankfully, I am out of the house for most of the day tomorrow as I have my non stress test in the morning and will probably go to my mom’s in the afternoon. I have clearly proven that I am dangerous when left at home for too long! LOL


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