Posted by: mommyq | June 23, 2005


So, I had my appointment and I have not made quite the progress that I thought I had! 😦

Right now, the baby HAS dropped and my cervix is completely thinned but I am not dilated at all. So, according to Carol, that is great progress for this stage in the game but, my contactions are not considered “labour” and only prep. Based on everything though, she thinks this baby can come any time but by her best guess, she would say middle of next week at the latest.



  1. Oh Sue, believe me when I say that I understand how you feel. 😦
    It is just so hard to wait, but it sounds like you are making real progress!
    I am sure you already know this, but a first time mom ALWAYS effaces first before they dilate!! Where the 2nd and subsequent time the cervix dilates and effaces together. So, if you are that thin, than when you do start to dilate…you’ll be close to delivering!

    Whenever I was in the end of my pgs, I always felt like there was so much pressure from everyone b/c they were so excited to meet the baby. It made me feel like I was letting everyone down when I didn’t go as quickly as they expected. Your baby girl will arrive in her time, or when you and your midwife feel it is right.

    Anyway…blah, blah, blah…{{HUGS}} and get some rest. Your baby girl is going to be here soon!. 🙂

    • Thanks Dane. I am feeling pretty bummed about the whole thing because I of course had visions of 3 or 4CM in my head! On a positive note I do have an appointment tomorrow for an NST and an US so I will get to see how my contractions are measuring on the machines and then see if my fluids are the same or lower.

      She did comment on something that I forgot to ask her about (because I was busy pouting about the news! LOL). She said my cervix is high and further back than most so, I am wondering if this will cause the pushing phase of labour to be longer since the baby has more “road” to travel? LOL

  2. I can imagine how let down you must feel but try not to worry. Get all the rest that you can in the next couple of days so that you’re ready for next week 🙂

    As always, keep us posted.


    • Thanks Cath.

      Will keep you all posted if anything changes and of the results of the non stress test today!

  3. Thats too bad that it isn’t farther along but I guess little Sydney just wants to hang out in her nice cozy place a while longer! At least you can count on a few more nights of sleep instead of feedings every few hours!

    • Very true! But, at this point I am ready for all of that..I just wanna get the show on the road! LOL I am sure you will be feeling the same way in a few more weeks!

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