Posted by: mommyq | June 24, 2005

Can I get a WOOOOHOOOO!?!?!?!

Hello gentle readers! I’m happy to inform you that I, Sandra, am posting here today, and not our regular beloved author Suzie…er mommy_q.

It’s the post we’ve all been waiting for… Sydney is on her way!! After a five minute squeal fest on the phone with Suzie, which I am sure has my supervisors wondering if I had a liquid lunch, I have some happy news to share.

Suzie went to the hospital today for her baby stress test, and while everything was ok, they didn’t like the way Sydney was responding. So they decided that considering Suzie is at 38 weeks that they would just induce her, much to Suzie’s pleasure!!

Personally, I think it’s all Syd’s plan. Pat bribing her with a pony and Suzie bribing her with shopping was probably much too much to resist. After all, we can be sure Sydney is exactly like her proud mama in every way!!

Of course, as Murphy’s Law would have it, Pat was working today when he got the call, and Suzie had left her packed bags at home. So poor Pat flew home, made it in 15 minutes, even though he was working in Markham today, grabbed their bags, and the last little odds and ends that needed to be packed, like Suzie’s slippers, and made it to the hospital just as Suzie was hanging up with me.

In true Suzie style, she lamented that yesterday she was calm collected and totally ready and today, of course nothing is organized at all! We love you Sue, and really, that should have been your first clue that today would be the day Sydney got the ball rolling on coming home!

So, our favourite new mama Suzie has been admitted, they’ve put a call in to her midwife to have her come to the hospital, they are bringing her some lunch, and she is currently debating whether or not to get the epidural when they give her the oxytocin to induce Sydney’s arrival.

Before I hung up with Suzie, I made her promise to give Sydney lots of kisses for all of us, after she and Pat have gotten theirs in, and she promised she would.

Stay tuned for the rest of the day, because Suzie said she would try and contact me with further updates throughout the rest of the day and night. And I promise that as I hear from her and Pat, I will update her journal and her readers of family and friends with their happy news.

So, who picked June 24th or June 25th for the pool? Cause I think you guys might be winners!!



  1. Syd picked the perfect weekend to arrive!!

    Can’t wait to meet our little Sydney. 🙂

    {{{ELV}}} for you Sue…

    Thanks for keeping us updated Sandra.


    That is so good. Keep us updated!!

  3. So exciting!!!!!!

    Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God….Can’t wait to finally meet little Syd.
    I’m praying for you Suzie-Q. I of all people wish beyond all hope that you have an easy, wonderful and enjoyable labor.
    Just wait till you hold that sweet angel in your arms for the first time. There’s no other feeling in the world like it.

    Lots of love and hugs,

  4. WooHoo!!

    I’m so excited for you & Pat, Suzie!!! I hope everything goes smoothly and you have your baby girl in your arms tonight or tomorrow!!!
    Thinking of you….
    Love, Nicole

  5. Wow!!! That is very exciting news! Can’t wait for the next update which will hopefully include all kinds of details and maybe even pictures!!!! Good luck Suzie and Sydney!

  6. Hooray

    So glad to hear Suzie is doing well and their precious baby is on her way !

    Take Care


  7. Any word yet??

    Any idea what’s going on?

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