Posted by: mommyq | June 30, 2005

I missed my bed…but before it calls my name again…

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to pop back on last night with an update and/or pictures but I guess in our new lives as parents, there is NEVER a dull moment! Here are a few that I took this morning and I will post the hospital ones and others with the birth story!!

Here she is with my hand in the shot to show you just how SMALL she really is! LOL

And a few others I managed to snap of her in her crib before she awoke from the flash:

Here next feeding is at about 8AM or so so I will be sure to get some shots of her with her eyes OPEN! LOL

So, the birth story is not done yet, but I guess since I have some time to kill before Sydney gets up, I can tell you all about our first night at home! 😀

When we got home, we tried as best we could to fight through our exhaustion and get some things settled in the house. It was time to feed Syd so I found a nice comfy spot on the couch and tried to get her to relax and do her thing! We have been having some ordeals with breastfeeding since the beginning so we have been supplementing with formula after our feeding sessions and this is working FOR NOW but I am hoping to FINALLY meet with a consultant and get everything working with just the breast. So, after we were done with the breastfeeding portion and I settled in for the formula stretch, I called and made an appointment with a public health nurse. I gave her all of the details and the organization will be calling me today to send somebody to see me as early as today. Basically, she said that her entry into the world has more to do with our feeding problems and is very unlikely to be “technique” related. Our problem from the get go has been latching (getting her to start sucking on teh breast) as she is either sleepy and lazy (trust me that you CANNOT get a nipple in the mouth of a babe that is dead to the world! LOL) or, she is fussy and impatient and her hands, head movements and tongue movements prevent her from getting latched. But, the nurse is confident that these are fairly easy to combat! Well, after that call, I felt much better as feeding had been a really trying time for both Sydney and I as we often both became frustrated and upset at how it was going.

After a much needed LONG SHOWER, Pat made us a quick dinner and we snuggled on the couch while our dear Sydney napped. A bit later in teh evening (approximately 9PM) we noticed that she had been “out of it” for most of the day and we recounted our memories and consulted our log book to see. We had figured out that Syd had about 15 minutes in total of “stimulated time” during the whole day and although she was fed regularly at 3 hour intervals because we know to do that, she had not fussed for food or attention the entire day. I also noticed that her poop and pee diapers were on the low side and again lamented on how we had not yet seen a green or mustardy diaper. Basically, babies start out pooping meconium which is black and tar like…this is poop from before they were born and it takes a few days to clean out of their system. The poop then stays blackish but has a dark green tinge to it and I think this is when the meconium is starting to thin out and the formula or bottle poop starts coming out (which is mustard color or I think brown for formula and has what look like seeds in it!). I had mentioned my concerns about the lack of green or seedy poop to the nurses before we left the hospital but they assured me that it could take a few more days. We tried a few things to stimulate her out of her deep sleep such as snapping, stripping her to her diaper, rubbing her with a cool wet cloth etc. but she would not wake up.

So, I put a call in to my midwife to find out if this is something we should get checked out. After our conversation and after she had us check a few more things, she suggested that even though it was probably nothing, we might as well head over to the ER just to ensure that all was OK. With the jaundice she had (I have not posted the details on this but I will get to it, I PROMISED! LOL) and with her lack of poop or wet diapers, better to err on the side of caution as lethargy in a baby is rarely good.

So, we got together her diaper bag got her ready to go. Considering we were both exhausted and now a little worried, we did a pretty good job of not forgetting any of the baby essentials (except for one minor one which I have a funny story about later!). We decided to go to Markham Stoufville ER as we like the hospital and all of her birth information would be there for the ER doctor to check. When we arrived, we were suprised to find the waiting room fairly empty but our hopes were quickly dashed when the triage nurse proceeded to warn us about the multi MVA that the had just received. 😦 So, we guessed that this would be a LONG wait! I gave the triage nurse all of the details as she (and a few other nurses that had come over from the back area) ohhed and ahhed over our little girl! LOL She was very nice and said she would have the doctor order her labs now (they wanted to do another jaundice test to ensure her levels didn’t go up) so that the results would be back when we were called in and it would save tons of time! I thought that was VERY nice of her. Well, the lab tech showed up about 15 minutes later to do the test we were already VERY familiar with where she pricks her heel and pulls drops into her vial. Syd ALWAYS screamed through these in the hospital so if she didn’t today, I was thinking to myself that it would be BAD NEWS! They took us into a quiet room and as the tech pricked her, Pat and I waited in anticipation. She sqeaked almost inaudibly and whimpered a few times but never opened her eyes. My heart dropped! Then, all of a sudden out of the blue, Pat (who recounted this to me after), felt a BOMB blow out of her butt and she showed us (and the tech) what her lungs were made of! We were so happy to see the results we were hoping for that we must have looked like whackos to the tech as we turned Syd into a kissy sandwich right on the spot. She was alert and we were thrilled to keep her stimulated! After the tech left, I got her onto the couch and checked her diaper and was THRILLED to find it FULL of dark green POOP!!!!!!!!!!! It smelled like NOBODY’S BUSINESS but it was so nice to see (and smell). Pat held her legs in order to avoid getting the poop on her clothes or something else! LOL I had finished her up and was starting to cuddle her when I saw the look on her face and knew instantly that she had just let another one drop!!! So, I gave Pat the pleasure this time and again, a nice big diaper FULL of green poop! I held the legs on this one and just as Pat started to wipe, Syd decided to make matters worse and PEED all over the place! We got her cleaned up yet again and we were now dealing with the little girl that we were used to. She was alert, reactive and so we spent some time in the quiet room playing with her. Her being backed up was obviously the cause for the earlier issues so we decided to simply get the results from the jaundice test and then head home without seeing the ER doc. She was fine and we figured we would leave the poor doctors services for somone who actually needed them. I let the triage nurse know our decision and she ended up sending the doctor out to give us the results and just take a quick peak at her before we left. He agreed that her levels were fine and that most likely, her being backed up was causing her lethargy problems and he said it was nothing to worry about as she was doing much better.

(Just took a break to go and feed Ms. Sydney and she is a happy girl! I managed to take some pictures of her awake just now so am posting those just below my tale!!! We then feel asleep with Daddy and so, this post although started at 7AM will not be posted till closer to 11AM! LOL)

So, what could have been a very long night in the ER turned out to only be a few hour thing. We got home and settled at about 3:00 and I managed to get some Zzzzzzzs between feeds!

Here are the pictures that I promised:

I am not having much luck getting good pics with the digital! 😦 They seem to be dark even when I use the flash! That one pic with teh soother as taken right in front of a big window in our unit so maybe that is a good place to make picture central! LOL



  1. She looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!! And the best part is, did you ever think you would be so happy to see and smell poop?

    I’m glad Syd is doing better and that the lactation consultant is coming to see you today.

    I know you were DYING for a proper shower, so I am glad you got it. Enjoy sleeping in your bed when you can and let us know when is good to pop by. I know you’re gonna be bombarded with guests and I don’t want to overtire or impose on you guys, especially during your babymoon!

    You did good Suzie! She’s GORGEOUS!

  2. Cute, Cute, Cute!

    Man, does our family make the cutest babies or what!!??

    She is a doll! So tiny and such little fine features. *sigh* Just adorable.

    What an ordeal at the hospital! I am so glad everything is in working order again!

    Love Dane 🙂

    • Re: Cute, Cute, Cute!

      I tell ya! We may not have any secret family recipies for food but it looks like we certainly have one for babies! 😉

  3. Suzie,
    She is so beautiful & perfect! I’m glad you didn’t need to stay in the ER long and that everything with Syd is ok! It’s amazing what a good poop will do for a baby, eh! How is the breastfeeding going? The first 2 wks are the hardest, hang in there!!
    Love, Nicole

    • Thanks Nicole. We didn’t want to be the crazy parents that run to the ER for every little thing and we hemmed and hawed for a while but when our midwife suggested it, I knew I wouldn’t sleep if we didn’t. It was a nice reassurance to know that our instincts with her seem to be right.

  4. She is beautiful Suzie!! So glad that everything turned out to be okay at the hospital. Sydney is trying her parents already LOL!
    Get some well deserved rest 🙂

    Take Care

    • Thanks Carol! We are trying to rest as much as we can but some days are certainly harder to get a nap in!

  5. Sydney is beee-uuuu-ttttt-fullll!!

    You really do have a gorgeous daughter, Suzie and Pat! I’m sorry we seemed to miss each other last night, but I’m glad to hear your adventures all worked out for the best. Welcome home to all three of you, and have an excellent long weekend with your family!

  6. She’s ADORABLE!!!

    I still can’t tell who she looks like though 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing her on the weekend……ok I guess I’m looking forward to seeing you guys too (haha)


    • Thanks Cath! Yeah, I know that she really does look a lot like me when I was a baby but there are certain times when I look at her (especially when she is sleeping) and see Pat. She has Pat’s fingers, toes and long legs for sure but I think there are some facial features as well.



    • Re: SYDNEY

      Hi Grama and Grampa!

      Sydney is looking forward to it as well!

  8. Thanks San. We may be a bit biased but she certainly is the most beautiful thing we have ever seen! Her daddy and I love watching all of the funny and sweet faces that she makes and don’t want to miss any of them! LOL I don’t know how Pat will be when it is time for him to go back to work!

  9. Re: Sydney is beee-uuuu-ttttt-fullll!!

    Thanks Laura! I am sure we will get it together for a visit soon!!

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