Posted by: mommyq | July 2, 2005

The constipation continues…

The birth story is still a work in progress! LOL But, it is hard to recount such an eventful 24 hours when if I am lucky, I have 5 minutes at a time to sit down and write!

So, as you know, our dear Syd had some constipation problems on Wednesday that led to a trip to the ER! Well, we have a chart that we keep (given to us at the hospital) of when she eats, how much and when she pees and poos. You can use this to keep track and make sure that baby is peeing and pooing as they should be. Well, as of this morning, Syd hadn’t had a poo since midnight the night before so we knew she was most likely constipated. A call to my midwife assured it wasn’t a MAJOR problem but if I wanted to help her along, to stimulate her little bum hole by massaging around the outside with Vaseline. Let me tell you, I don’t think I would do this for anybody else other than my little girl! LMAO

The bum massage worked like a charm and Syd popped out what looked like a rabbit turd (a small ball that was not really hard but also not runny or soft). I was a little disappointed that that was all that came out as I knew she must have had more in there. So, I continued my massage and OMG I guess that was just the opening of the floodgates. Syd continued to poo on and off with the stimulation for the next 5 minutes!!!!!!!! I did this during a diaper change so I had the diaper under her butt to catch the poo and I was running out of surface area! Once she was done, I cleaned up her bum, dressed her and sat down to feed. I swear Syd was smiling at me the whole time. She had just lost a ton of poo, was cleaned and dressed and had a boob in her mouth…what more could a baby ask for! LMAO

Speaking of boobs in the mouth, I am so happy to report that Syd and I seem to finally be working out the breastfeeding kinks!!!!!!!! We were having some serious latching problems and breastfeeding was becoming a nightmare. So, yesterday, after another BAD session, I called my mom and tears and asked her to come and help me! She showed up 15 minutes later and was my savior! I had just finished giving Syd formula because I couldn’t stand to put her through more crying when trying to latch so she wasn’t hungry but my mom tried a technique while I was holding her and she latched on, sucked a few times and then fell asleep!!!!!!!! So, there was hope! My mom sat and ogled over Syd as she slept and Pat and I crawled into bed for some MUCH needed rest. I slept in total for 3 hours (for some reason, when I sleep now, I wake pretty much ever hour) and it was wonderful. I showered and cleaned up after my nap and felt like a million bucks! I was ready to try again to get the latch.

My mom showed me how to hold my breast and offer it to her and BAM, first try we had success. Syd was latched on and fed for a good 15 minutes before she let go to relatch and I was so giddy and relieved that I could have cried. 5 different nurses, a lactation consultant and a public health nurse could not get this baby to latch after all of their fancy techniques and my mom was able to get it on the first shot!

My only other problem with feeding Sydney now is that she is a lazy baby so she will feed for just long enough to satisfy her, fall asleep and then wake up 15-30 minutes later and want to feed again. This routine would be fine and dandy if I DIDN’T NEED ANY SLEEP AT ALL! LOL So, my MW suggested pumping and then the times she falls asleep and I cannot get her awake enough to finish the feeding, top her up with a bottle of breast milk.

And now, the moment I am sure you have all been waiting for….more pictures of Sydney!! LOL

Snug as a bug in a rug:

Hanging out with Baba P after her winning latching session:

Working her charms on Daddy while he sleeps:

The two loves of my life:

Just chillin:

and getting tired:

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!



  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    She is such a cutie! And it is nice to see that you get along so well together – the three of you. At least you’re working all the kinks out of getting the food into her and out again. Mom’s are great things aren’t they?

    Loved the pictures. Can’t wait to see more!

    • Re: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

      Yeah, some days (or even hours) are easier than others but, all in all, we are getting into a routine.

      I have some more all ready to go so I am sure you will be seeing something this afternoon! LOL I am a picture taking crazy woman!

      • Re: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

        LOL I’m sure you are!!! Routines are going to save you – or so I’ve heard. Since you will have to sleep at regualar intervals – and feed at regular intervals – and play at regular intervals – and change her at irregular intervals.

        I’m a little scared of picture-taking crazy women 🙂 Ah well, it will be well worth it – you’ll miss these days when she goes off to university!

      • Re: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

        At the rate she is growing it feels like she will be off to university next year.

      • Re: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

        She looks huge all of a sudden – much bigger than just a week ago. Maybe cause she was all bundled up then and now has arms and legs that are able to roam free.

  2. She is so cute, just adorable, Sue we just found out Steph is having a boy, I am so exited, I can hardly wait to spoil him rotten.

    Just think Sydney and our little one will be friends because they will be so close in age, When we told Olivia she was excited and said to name him Ross hahah. When I told Mede she goes “OH MAN’ ANOTHER BOY…. hahahha.

    I love the pictures of Sydney… keep then coming.

    Love to all Teta Mila

    • OMG..that is so exciting!!! You guys must be thrilled!

      I am sure Syd and Baby C. will be the best of buds and have fun getting into trouble together at get togethers! LOL

  3. What a cute baby!! Don’t worry I’m spitting at the computer for you lol.


    • Steph, congrats on finding out! I remember when we found out that Syd was a girl and we got to give her a name and everything, the whole thing became so much more real. You have some exciting times ahead and soon you too will be posting pictures of your little guy!

  4. Wow Sue! She looks so much like you! She looks very happy & content after her successful breastfeeding session! So nice to hear your voice on the phone!! TTYS…
    Love, Nicole

    • Thanks Nicole. It was nice to talk to you as well this weekend! Hope you guys had a great time visiting with the crazy Sudbury folks!

  5. Great pics Sue!!!

    I had so much fun on Sunday visiting with you guys! Syd is absolutely adorable and you guys are very, very lucky! Too bad she slept the entire time (haha). Honestly, it’s so nice to have a baby in the family that we are allowed to bond with….that we can hold and kiss and touch her nose and cheeks!! Thanks for letting us spend so much time with her 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you all again soon!


    • Oh Cath, I cannot believe that she woke up 20 minutes after you guys left (if it was even that long!!). But, now that she is getting older there will be much more awake time to take advantage of! As always, we enjoyed seeing you guys as well!

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