Posted by: mommyq | July 5, 2005

Not much new to report except that are attempts at breastfeeding seem to be improving. Syd now latches most times without a fuss and will suck for a good 10-15 minutes before letting go and relatching. The problem now however is she never seems to be full!!!! Most sessions last about 25-35 minutes and then she will fall asleep but be back up 20 minute later to feed again. When she doesn’t take to the boob, I have been using a tube to feed her so she doesn’t have to take from a bottle which may throw off her good latching. Then, at night, when I REALLY need the sleep, I tube feed her formula because a) I know how much she is getting and b) it fills her up and she will sleep for 3-4 hours instead of waking every 20 min – 1 hour to eat. It looks SOOO easy when you see people doing it but my goodness it is quite a feat!

I meet again with the public health nurse tomorrow morning and she seemed quite please during our conversation yesterday to find out that Syd is latching so, hopefully, she will be able to help me figure out why she is not getting satisfied. I am guessing that she has a poor latch and is not getting enough per suck because my milk supply is insane. My MW said I probably had enough to feed two babies! LMAO

Daddy was supposed to work today and I have to say, I was a little anxious about beng 100% alone with her today! He left at 7:00 or so and then called at 8:30 to say he was coming home. Turns out there was a mix up and they booked too many instructors. So, he got to bill the 4 hour minimum and leave!! Whew! I feel so much better knowing that he is around. Now, I will have ot go through this again next week when he officially returns to work.

Well, on to the pictures:

First we have Flava Flave and the Grand Master Syd:

Some more pics of her enjoying her vibrating chair and mobile:

Not to toot my own child’s horn but she was actually reaching out and hitting the mobile creatures! LOL And I think the vibro chair was nice for her gas.

We also have some pics from bath time! Please note that all pictures are rated PG and every effort was taken to ensure there was no “privates” showing! LOL

And after her bath we dressed her up in her Rocky outfit! LOL

That’s all for now! 😀



  1. What a cutie pie!!!



  2. Sydney is so alert! What a doll 🙂 I LOVE all of her outfits. So glad to hear the BF is going better. 🙂

    Take Care


  3. She seems very active. And when she’s awake, boy, she’s awake

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