Posted by: mommyq | July 11, 2005


Our little girl turned 2 WEEKS this weekend! I cannot believe how time has flown since I have had her.

She is doing really well. She eats like a little pig and is growing like a weed. However, she is still having some gas and poo problems that we are trying to work through. She gets so fidgety and fussy when she needs to fart and poos will often have her crying or even worse sadly whimpering. We have tried Gripe Water for this but she REALLY hates the taste of it and kicks up a fuss when we give it to her so I may see if there is something else we can try. Also, I think she has developed a case of thrush so I have to call today and take her into the doctor. My midwife said it wasn’t anything serious especially since it isn’t interfering with her eating.

Some pictures taken on Saturday!



  1. Can I just say how I love little Miss Cuteness? That girl is so super adorable!! If I bite my lips anymore, I’ll start to bleed!!

    Thank you so much for sharing her with us. She’s such an awesome little baby and while Tony is thankful for the major increase on my baby fever, I’m stating right now that it is SOOO not fair to be using Syd to weaken my defences. My will is nothing beside her cuteness!

    So when can I play with her again?


    • Hey, I need to work on getting some friends for Syd so, if I can use her cuteness to up the baby making date for you guys, I am all for it! LOL

  2. I love the neck rolls in the first picture 🙂


    • Yes, she seems to have developed the Oliva neck rolls. We take great pains to ensure they stay clean! LOL

  3. I agree

    She has grown so much – and not just in size, but also it seems in awareness – in just the last couple of days. She looks so much older than just two weeks in the third picture!

    I can’t get over how much different she looks – I’ve been staring at these photos for about 5 minutes now.

    She is still as cute as ever though – dare I say, cuter even perhaps.

    • Re: I agree

      I know..don’t remind me that my little girl is growing up quickly! LOL

  4. How sweet!! She is toooo cute!
    Did you end up doing the 3D ultrasound? If so, how did it turn out?


    • We did the 3D US two times and both times Syd had her head so far down that they were unable to get a good image. They say it is best to go between 20-24 weeks and when your baby is in the transverse position. It really was an awesome experience even though we weren’t able to get a good picture.

  5. Oh Sue, I had to come right to your journal and get my Syd fix!! She is ADORABLE!!! That first picture is so cute with her rolls and her lips!

    Give her big smooches from us until we see her next weekend…

    Love Dane 🙂

    • Giving my baby big smooches is no problem! LOL I just cannot stay away from those cheeks!

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