Posted by: mommyq | July 16, 2005

Great Friday Nights!!

Yesterday ALMOST turned into a total bust but, we managed to salvage the day and have some fun!

Originally, we had a busy busy day OUT of the house planned which I had been SOOO looking forward to because I have not been out much. During the day, we were to visit my work and show off the baby and then have a little stroll around the Eaton Centre and do some shopping. However, our plummer didn’t have all the parts when he came the night before to install our faucet and new pipes so he had to come back Friday between 2 and 4. So, going downtown had to be postponed. We made the best of the day and we tidied up around the house while Syd slept like an angel (after fighting sleep like a devil from 10am – 1pm and fussing up a storm). She has this new habit of staying awake too long, getting herself OVER tired and then turning on the cranky. She had me in tears yesterday because she had gotten herself soooo worked up and crying that when I finally managed to get her settled, she had that after cry breathing where her whole little body shook. It broke my heart.

We had plans to go over to Bill and Cathy’s house in the evening but poor Cath came down with something and left work early and went home to bed! (Hope you are feeling better CATH!) So, I told hubby we had to come up with something else because I had to get out of the house or I was going to go INSANE! LOL So, we decided to wait for the sun to go down and take a trip down to the boardwalk!

So, we gave our little one a bath once she awoke:

bundled her up:

and then I fed her till she was at the point of passing out. She makes this cute little pouty face when she is drifting off and you pull the bottle out of her mouth and we managed to get it on camera:

and then she passed back out again.

We realized that we didn’t have a mosquito net and since we were heading to the beach, we thought it would be a good idea so we left the house at about 8:30 and first made a stop at Wal-mart. The store was crazy busy so we just made our way to the baby section and got out of there as quickly as possible. I am constantly amazed at the sheer ignorance and self importance of some people. I can not even count the number of times we were cut off, bumped into, etc. etc. We even had a Wal-mart employee sigh loudly because she had to wait for us to pass by before she could move one of the carts. Anyhow, we made record time in the Walmart and were safely back in our car and on our way to the beach shortly thereafter!

We parked the car and unloaded ourselves. We remembered to snap some pictures (in the parking lot of all palces):

and then we headed down to the boardwalk. We made it past the Olympic pool when we ran into TONS of trees (and tons of bugs!). Being good parents, Syd was covered with her netting but we neglected to bring some bug spray for ourselves. We put up with the insects for as long as we could and then turned around and headed back towards the car! Syd slept the whole time and Pat and I got some quiet time to chat, hold hands and maybe even smooch a little! LOL

We were half way home when we hit a Tim Hortons and started to hear a fussy girl so we decided to stop for coffee and go into the restaurant so I could feed Syd. It is only fitting that our daughter’s first trip to Tim Horton’s be documented so:

we took a picture (and made sure to get the cups in the shot! LOL)

Since everything had gone so smoothly, what happened next was ONLY to be expected! LOL After she was done eating, Syd decided that it was POOPY time so, she made her usual stinky faces and pushed out a diaper full. Pat went to check the bathrooms and OF COURSE they didn’t have change tables! Well, we decided that since we were only about 10 minutes from home, we head out and just change her when we got to the house! BAD IDEA! About 5 minutes from home, Syd started SCREAMING at us. How dare we leave her in a poopy diaper for longer than a few minutes! LMAO We pulled into the garange as quick as could be and rescued our pooed little girl from the car seat! I managed to get her calmed down instantly and we made our way upstairs and straight to the change table for a new diaper and some jammies!

Once she was clean, she was out like a light and we all went to bed!

All in all, it was a fantastic day and a great outing! Exactly what this mommy needed.



  1. So glad to hear you are getting out and about Sue. By the way….you look fabulous…Motherhood does you proud. Can’t wait to see Sydney on the 23rd…she sure is growing fast.

    • Thank you! I am going to go out on a limb and guess that this is Pam?

      See you on Saturday!

  2. Love the Friday Night story. So glad you got the Tim’s visit documented!! Tres important!

    Syd looks cute as ever!!! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, we couldn’t have first pictures without the Timmies outing being one of them! LOL She loved the place and didn’t cry at all while we were there! LMAO

  3. Glad you feel better after getting out and about πŸ™‚ I remember feeling that way too πŸ™‚ After seeing the Tim Hortens pics I want coffee LOL! Sydney looks even bigger since you last posted pics!!! So cute !

    Take Care


    • Being tired and stuff, it is so easy to become a recluse! LOL

      She is growing like a weed. And, her hair is getting lighter (but showing no signs of falling out!). I cannot get over how quicly they grow up! 😦

  4. Out and About

    I love the photos you and Pat take of each other with Syd! They are my favourite of all the photos. Glad to hear Syd’s first trip to the beach went “swimmingly”. I’m also glad to see that you are properly documenting the milestones in Syd’s life – I wish I had a picture of my first time at Tim’s. LOL

    • Re: Out and About

      Thanks! πŸ™‚ We are usually so busy taking pictures of her that we forget about us but, every once in while, we say “Hey, you get in the picture! LOL”

  5. Great pics Sue! It’s so great that you guys take Syd out of the house and have her enjoy the summer and enjoy life with the two of you πŸ™‚

    I was so happy that my God Daughter was coming over for the first time on Friday night and of course I ended up getting sick 😦 We have to plan another visit very soon!!!

    I had a great time with you guys on Sunday!!! Syd was absolutely ADORABLE!!! It was so nice to spend time with her while she was awake and not sleeping (haha)



    • For sure! Let me know when you guys want to reschedule for!!

      She was such a good girl on Sunday and stayed awake the whole time so you guys could play with her! LOL Pat and I suffered the consequences Sunday night but hey, that is what parenting is all about! LOL

  6. I love the soother, its bigger than her little face….tooooooo cute….

    Love her

    Teta Mila

    • Thanks Teta! I too am a big fan of the soother pictures! LOL They demonstrate just how small she is!

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