Posted by: mommyq | July 21, 2005


So, all morning I have been questioning myself and wondering if I just FORGOT about getting up in the middle of the night but, all signs point to the fact that Syd went to bed last night at 11PM and slept until 5AM! I awoke to the sounds of her munching on her little hands and fussing and I sleepily got up to fix her bottle. Then, as I was feeding her, I tried to remember the last feeding and realized that it was at 11PM. I thought maybe that I had gotten up, fed her and fell back asleep and in my dazed state I just wasn’t remembering it so, I did a bottle check and there was only the one used one from 11PM as I had cleaned and sterilized bottles right before we went to bed!

So, YAY Sydney!

Now onto the pictures:

Here she is watching Monster Garage with her dad:

Doesn’t really look like she is interested! LOL

Another with daddy:

and then here are a few shots that capture the classic Sydney face!



  1. Wow, 6 hours of sleep, that’s great….well done Syd!

    I can’t believe she has an additonal roll in her neck, she only had one last week, she’s getting so big…what a cutie 🙂


    • LOL She now has 3 for each week of her life! LMAO

  2. YEAHHHHHH for Sydney! Yeah for sleep 🙂 That is awsome that Sydney slept that long 🙂 I bet you feel alot better today 🙂 BTW Sydney’s birth announcements are so cute!

    Take Care

    Carol 🙂

    • Yes, today is a GOOD day! I am sure it was most likely a fluke and she won’t repeat tonight but, it still felt good! LOL

  3. That’s so funny!!

    Last night Caden went from 8pm to 6:30am FOR THE FIRST TIME in his 8 months of life!!! LOL! YAY for Sydney and Caden!!
    Love, Nicole

    • Re: That’s so funny!!

      Maybe there was something in the water last night!!! LMAO

      YAY Caden!

  4. She is just so cute Sue. Hope I get a chance to see her again this weekend!

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