Posted by: mommyq | July 25, 2005

Busy Weekend!!

We had such a busy weekend and this has been the first chance that I have gotten a spare 20 minutes to sit down and update!

We woke up Friday morning at 6am and as usual, Syd wanted some AWAKE time so we played until 7:30 and then she went back down for some more sleep (which was nice for us because we got to go back to sleep until 10am or so! I needed to shower and get ready so I let Syd sit in her “babysitter” while Pat and I got ready. She was having a nice time and was so responsive so I HAD to take some pictures and capture the moment! LOL

We left at about 11:45 to go and pick up Sean and Dallas. We had made plans to visit with Oliver and Dana on Friday night so since we were going to Oshawa to pick up the boys, we planned to just putter around Durham for the day and then head over to my aunts house for 5pm or 6pm. So, after picking up the boys, we headed needed sustenance so we decided to hit McDonalds and kill some time there. We managed to kill 2 hours at McDonalds – I honestly don’t think I have EVER spent that much time at a McDees! LOL We had lunch, the boys played, Syd slept, then ate, then pooped, then slept some more! LOL Since we documented her first Tims visit, we felt we had to do the same with McDonalds:

Syd LOVED the french fries! LOL

After McDonalds, we made a quick stop at Costco and then headed to the park so that the boys (and Pat) could play with their remote control planes. It was a bit windy and the planes kept nose diving so they gave up and played on the swings and slides instead! LOL After the park, we headed to my aunts house as we were just around the corner. Oliver and Dana arrived about 20 minutes after us and we had a great visit! The kids were so excited to meet their new cousin! The first thing Jake said when he walked through the door was “Is that Teta Sue’s new baby?” LOL Gabe was also pretty smitten and constantly was coming over to visit with Syd and give her kisses:

Natalia also came around to check out her future partner in crime:

Since we had the wedding the next day, we didn’t want to stay TOO late so we headed home at about 10:30. I still had to find my dress (I had looked in the morning to pull it out and could not find it!!) I did manage to find it about 5 minutes after we got home. It was in my closet but had fallen off the hanger and was on the floor!

The next morning was pretty crazy but, we managed to get out of the house 35 minutes later than we had planned! We had planned to leave at noon with 12:30 being the LATEST we wanted to leave and the actual time we left was 12:35. So really, technically, we were only 5 minutes behind schedule! HA HA

Syd decided she was hungry at about 11:45 and my hair was still not done so, deperate times called for desperate measures and Syd managed to feed herself:

I propped the bottle up with a receiving blanket and only had to go back and pop it back in her mouth 3 times!

Syd was an absolute ANGEL the entire day and I was so pleased. She was awake for most of the ceremony so I sat at the back of the church but, she did not squawk once! Near the beginning, she was about to nod off when the choir started singing and she perked right up and listened to them! LOL The ceremony was beautiful and both Moe and Taras looked so happy! I managed to put Syd down and snap one picture but was so upset as the color was off! 😦

Syd drifted off to sleep about 15 minutes before the end of the ceremony, slept through the pictures and did not wake again till we got to the hall! She had some awake time and nodded off about 5 minutes before they started serving dinner. The food was traditional Ukrainian fare and it was AMAZING!

Syd woke again after dinner, had a bottle and (you guessed it) fell asleep as they were serving dessert!

LOL She then woke up for speeches and her aunt Pam was chomping at the bit to hold her so I passed her off! Syd gave her a special treat and PEED on her! LMAO Pam didn’t notice right away and handed Syd back to me because she was fussing and I didn’t want her to interrupt the speeches. When I had her in my arms I noticed the wet spot and asked Pam if she had any matching wet spots! LOL So, the shorts were off for the remainder of the evening as she managed to NOT pee on the dress:

What a little lady!!

I have some more pictures and more commentary but, it is midnight and I want to get some sleep before Syd wakes up to eat so, I will post more tomorrow!!!



  1. Hey Suzie!!

    Looks like the wedding was wonderful! And I LOVE Syd’s dress! (a bit biased! LOL)

    It was so nice holding her again. Just makes me want to move home though. 😦

    BTW, can I borrow the pic of Oli, Syd and the kids for my blog?? (I am stealing it anyway b/c I am sure you will say “yes”! LMAO!)

    Kisses to our little Syd!

    Love Dane 🙂

    • Dane, the dress fit her so well and she looked totally adorable in it (also a bit biased! LOL)

      Hopefully you guys will be moving home soon!! We had such a great time on Friday night!

      And, of course you can borrow the pics..any time!

  2. I love the new pics of Syd!!! My favorite is the second from the top, she just looks so cute propped up with a little smile on her face 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend !!

    Btw, Moe looks so nice!!


    • She is certainly getting more alert for pictures!

      See you guys Friday!!

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