Posted by: mommyq | July 28, 2005

We had a rough day yesterday…

We have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I cannot wait for it because I have so many things I want to discuss with her. Yesterday was the day from HELL for both Syd and I! LOL

It first started with an evening awake session (not last night but the night before) from 1am to 3am. Then, she was awake again from 6am to about 10am. She then went down till about noon…ate and went back down till 3pm. I figured that we were back on track but I was SOOO wrong. She was then awake from 3pm to 11pm. She would eat, fall asleep and then wake up 10-15 minutes later!! It would then take me a good hour to get her to go back down and she would again wake up 15 minutes later. She was constantly wanting to eat but crying when I fed her. She was fussy crying for most of the time and I tell you, it really wears on you to hear that! 😦 I felt so sorry for her because she was obviously an unhappy baby but I tried everything I could and nothing worked.

At 10pm, Pat and I took her for a drive thinking it would help and it did, she fell asleep during the drive….and WOKE RIGHT UP as soon as we pulled back in to the garage! LMAO She wasn’t fussing so we left her in her car seat for a bit and I fed her thinking she might drift off as I wanted to try her sleeping in her car seat to see if that would help her sleep longer. She got droopy eyed but would just not doze off so I picked her up and finally rocked her off to sleep.

She woke again at 3pm and was still cranky but I managed to get her back to sleep by 4:30. Then, she was awake at 5:30 and doing the 15 minute sleeps till I just got her to go down at 9am.

It is now 10am and she is still sleeping! Keeping my fingers crossed! I need some sleep but I am so wound up right now from everything. I am having a tea and hoping that it helps.

Based on the reading I have been doing, she may have reflux which is common in babies and is where the muscle at the opening of the stomach opens up at the wrong times, causing formula to back up into the esophagus. Another mom on my message board suggested that it might be a growth spurt and that is making me laugh! I have always heard that babies SLEEP like mad during growth spurts. Figures Pat and I would have a baby that is cranky and AWAKE during them! LOL



  1. {{hugs}} Suzie.

    My babies always ate like crazy and were horrible sleepers during a growth spurt. *shrugs shoulders*

    Sounds like it may be a bit of reflux. 😦 Can’t wait to hear what your MW says…

    • I think it may have been the growth spurt that was bothering her because we have our sweet baby girl back! (except when she is hungry…and then you should hear her wail!)

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