Posted by: mommyq | July 31, 2005


We had our re-do shoot at Loblaws on Saturday and picked the pictures up today! I am so glad that we got them done as they turned out great! The first picture of Syd was cute but this one just has the “IT” factor. You really can see the difference a happy baby makes to getting great pictures!

We did a family shot first:

Then, we decided that each month, one of us would get a photo with our girl. This was daddy/Syd month and next month will be mommy/Syd. We had originally wanted to do a pose of her laying on her daddy’s arm with her face in his hand but, she was cold and didn’t feel secure enough in that position so we switched to daddy holding her and OMG they turned out so fantastic!

This one was the posed one that we chose but, the following was a candid that the photographer snapped and we had to purchase it because it was so perfect! Syd was trying to get settled and making funny faces. So, daddy was trying to get her to calm down and was copying her faces:

You cannot really see his face but you can see enough to notice that he is making the same “Ohh” with his mouth as she was! I am starting my research now on pose ideas for our picture next month as these will be hard to top!

And finally, our precious little girl:

I will update more on our weekend (with pictures) in the AM as I am going to go and join my hubby on the couch for some MUCH needed RnR!



  1. Love the pics Sue!!!:) They all turned out so good! We had pics done at Loblaws and were pleased with the way they turned out too. BTW love the barrett in Sydney’s hair 🙂 So cute 🙂

    • opps that was me, Carol 🙂

      • Thanks Carol! I only recenly learned that Loblaws was doing photos and I am so happy that we gave them a try!

  2. Oh Suzie, they turned out sooo great!!!!!!

    They are all just beautiful. I love your family picture, you all look wonderful!

    Oh, and of course the pic of Syd is beautiful!

    I could go on and on!

    Love Dane:)

    • Thanks Dane! We had so much fun with it! I can see how this will become addictive! I just wish we had a place like the one you guys have up in Sudbury where we could go in and play on our own with props and shots.

  3. Those pictures turned out awesome!!!!! She is such a little sweetie!

    • Thanks! Soon enough you will be taking your little one for his/her first month pictures!

  4. WOW!

    Suzie those all came out so beautiful!!! The one of Pat & Syd is stunning! I hope you ordered a BIG one, that would look good in your bedroom or something! That’s great that you & your hubby are going to take turns getting your picture done with Syd each month!! She will really cherish those photos when she gets older! 🙂
    Love, Nicole

    • Re: WOW!

      Thanks Nicole. The ones with Syd and her dad are my favorite! I am just so pleased with the way they all turned out!

  5. Wow! I love the pictures of Daddy & Daughter – the effect of the photo makes it feel like such a special moment. I love them all actually…..I didn’t even realize that Loblaws did photography. Pat and I have to go for the photo for the adoption file. We should go shortly. I think we’re going to wait until the end of the summer. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • I can highly recommend Loblaws. You don’t get a TON of time for the session (10 minutes) but if you are organized when you go in, that is more than enough time!

  6. The pictures turned out so beautiful 🙂


    • Thanks Cath!

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