Posted by: mommyq | August 2, 2005


We had another weekend packed full of stuff!

Friday night, we went to Vee and Tony’s place for Vee’s birthday celebration. We had a huge BBQ feast of ribs, pork chops, kebobs and turkey! YUM

Mede and Olivia are great helps with their cousin and they LOVE holding her.

Here are some pics of them feeding Sydney:

Olivia even managed to get Sydney to sleep with the patented bum pat! Cathy and Billy were at the party as well and Cath can never resist some Sydney time:

We had a great night!

Saturday night was date night for mommy and daddy and the first time we have left Syd with anybody! We took her over to my mom’s house for 5pm as we had dinner reservations for 6pm! We enjoyed a feast at Mandarin as they had a crab fest going on!

After our dinner (and a few drinks ;)) we headed over to the bluffs for a nice stroll. Since we had not yet had any alone time since Syd’s birth, we had not had a chance to celebrate her coming with a cigar! So, we did so at the beach:

Since we are not big cigar people, we decided to go with the smaller, lighter ones:

On Sunday, we had another early day as we had to take Syd to church for her 40 day blessing and dedication to the church. She was smiling up a storm in the morning while we were getting her ready and I caught the tail ends of a few:

I finally managed to catch one PERFECTLY and the damn flash overexposed the picture:


Due to a mis-communication, we were unable to have the blessing done on Sunday. Because of a special saints day, the church in Ajax was not holding a service and only the church in Toronto was. However, I had understood that we would be meeting my mom at the Ajax church. So, Pat and I arrived at 10:45 and waited on her until 11:20! We decided since the priest was not coming to head to my aunts for the lunch she had planned and hopefully we would cross paths with my mom there! She ended up phoning my aunts to ask if we had called as she was also wondering where the heck we were (she was in the Toronto church waiting for us WITH THE PRIEST!).

All was not lost as we had a nice lunch at my aunts! (We ate really well this weekend! LOL) After lunch, we came home and had some much needed RnR!

We went to church AGAIN today to get the blessing done. We picked my mom up this time and headed for Ajax. Well, turns out there was no service today at Ajax as the priest was in Mississauga so we had to jump in the car and make our way to the Toronto church!!!!! We got there for 11am and the service went till noon. Syd was a good girl and stayed happily in her car seat for the whole service:

As much as we were on the go this weekend, we had a great time getting out and about!



  1. Wow! What a weekend! 🙂

    Love the pictures of Syd in the morning, I still can’t believe how much hair she has!!!

    Glad you two got some alone time…

    • If I had a quarter for every time somebody mentions her hair I would be a rich rich lady! LOL Everyone loves her hair!

  2. Great pics Sue!!

    I can’t believe Sunday didn’t work out but I’m glad you guys went yesterday and got the dedication done 🙂

    Was it really hard for you to leave Syd on Saturday? I’m so glad you guys went out on your own for a bit, you really need to do this more often…..maybe I could babysit Syd while you’re out 🙂


    • It was hard at first. Getting into the car without my baby and driving off!! But, once we got into our evening, it was nice for us to have some alone time. We talked about the baby tons during the evening but, we also got to enjoy each others company.

      And, I will certainly keep your offer in mind for the next time we plan an outing! Syd would love the quality time with her godmother!

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