Posted by: mommyq | August 10, 2005

Picture Time

Quick update to say that all is well in the Quinn Family. We are having some nap during the day issues that we are working through but sleeping at night seems to be no problems! LOL

Right now, our routine is pretty much the same every night:

6:00 – bath
6:30 – food
7:00 – wind down
8:00 – sleep

she will then sleep for her longest stretch of the day till 1pm. She eats and goes right back to sleep. Then, she will wake at 4am for some food and go right back to sleep, then again at 7am and then, she will either go back down till 9am or want to play for an hour before going back down at 8am.

After this is when it all goes down the toilet! LOL She will play for an hour or so and start to show sleepy signs (yawning, rubbing eyes etc.) so I start the wind down before her nap. She will start to doze as I am holding her but once I try to put her down, she wakes right up. I may manage to get her down while she is still sleeping but then she will wake up 15 minutes later and we have to start the process all over again. This continues for most of the day untill we have our bath at 6!

I guess I should be thankfull that sleeping at night is at least a breeze but, if we could only get some of the good night sleeping during the day, mommy would be a much happier girl! LOL

Now, on to the fun stuff…PICTURES! I managed to get a smile on film this time without overexposing the picture:

I also got a yawn:

and some crying:

Here she is demonstrating her HUNGRY face:

Playing soccer:

and singing a sweet melody:

She loves, loves, loves her Winnie the Pooh friends:

and last, but certainly not least….BATH TIME!



  1. She is getting SO big, I miss her, I need to see her this week 🙂

    Give her lots of kisses from me!!



    • Lots of hugs and kisses passed along! LOL

  2. The singing one is my fav. It totally looks like it!!
    I can’t wait to see her!


    • And I cannot wait to see you as well!! You must be getting sooo big!! 🙂

  3. Glad you have a found a schedule that works for you guys. It makes a big difference doesn’t it? 🙂 Love the new pics. Sydney looks so cozy wrapped up in her blankie 🙂

    Take Care


    • It really does. Now, if only the days ran as smoothly as the nights! LMAO

  4. What a cutie, Suzie!! I love the bath picture…she looks so long!

    • Everyone has been saying that! She was 54cm at her 1 month check up but, I am pretty sure she is WAY longer than that now.

  5. Very Long Little Girl

    She does look very long in the bath picture. I love her soccerpicture. Her toes look almost good enough to munch on 🙂

    • Re: Very Long Little Girl

      Toe munching is a daily activity in our house! LOL

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