Posted by: mommyq | August 15, 2005

Another busy weekend!

Sydney had her first road trip this weekend and I am happy to report that she spent the hour and a half both too and from her Grandma & Grandpa Hartshorn’s place SLEEPING like an angel! LOL

The weather was not the greatest but we did manage to sit down by the water for a few hours in the afternoon. Pat and I got some fishing in and I managed to scam my way out of worming my own hook and taking the fish off after catching. I convinced my hubby that ONE of us had to keep their hands clean to pick up the baby! LMAO At first, he said to me, “I only did that while we were dating, now you’re on your own!” CHEEKY! I didn’t last very long since I was much more content sitting and watching our daughter enjoy the breeze. She really does love the outdoors!

Syd adjusted to the strange surroundings fairly well and was only cranky for a bit on Sunday as she couldn’t get to sleep. Pat and I decided to take her for a drive to see if that would settle her (and get us some Timmies at the same time! LOL) and it worked like a charm. She fell asleep after about 15 minutes of being in the car. She was a MUCH happier baby when she woke up:

Here she is with Grandma:

and back asleep with Grandma and Grandpa:

We packed up the car, fed the chicklet and were on the road by about 2:45. Syd was fast asleep before we even clicked the car seat into the back! LOL

The next stop was Grandma and Grandpa Quinn’s house for dinner and a visit! We got there in just over an hour and Sydney kept on sleeping! She woke up and did her 20 minute stretch routine about 15 minutes after we arrived. Grandma held her for a little bit and gave her a bottle:

but then Grandpa snatched her up pretty quickly and wouldn’t give her back!

We had a nice dinner, visited for a bit longer and then left for home to get Syd back to her regularly scheduled programming! LOL We made the mistake of not feeding her again before we left and we paid the price! Syd started to fuss on the 401 but I was able to pacify her for a bit with her soother and some water. However, when we were 10 minutes out, she declared a state of emergency and started crying up a storm because mommy and daddy were STARVING her! LOL I snatched her up as soon as we got to the parking lot and was able to get her settled enough to make it upstairs and prep a bottle. After her bottle daddy gave her a bath and dressed her for bed. I thought since she had slept so much in the afternoon, it was going to be a difficult time getting her down but, she was fast asleep by about 9:00! Unlike the days before children when we would have just kicked back and relaxed for the rest of the night, we were busy unpacking, doing laundry and getting organized for the next day!

Monday was relaxing and we didn’t do much. We again had a sleepy kid again today so my guess is she has gone through another growth spurt as she was a bit fussy and cranky late last week. We went to Home Depot to get some ideas for her bedroom. We are taking Syd over to my mom’s house on Wednesday so we can empty out the office and prep it for the switch to her bedroom. Since our master bedroom is so big, we are moving our desks in there and the rest of the stuff has been moved to our newly cleaned out storage room. We are hoping to have it all cleaned and painted by the middle of next month as Syd should be ready to move into her own room by then as she will HOPEFULLY be sleeping through the night!



  1. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend 🙂

    Next outing will be to my house!!!! You’re bringing Syd to the wedding on Sunday right? I really hope so cause I need my Syd fix (haha)



    • I called you last night to make some plans (just in case BILLY doesn’t pass on the message!!)

      • Hi Sue,

        Believe it or not, Billy told me that you called (haha) 🙂

        I’ll call you tonight. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE SYD 🙂


  2. EHEM…I think the next outing should be to MY place!! LMAO! *jk*

    Sue I just love the picture of Syd looking up at her Grandma Hartshorn. Too cute!!!

    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. 🙂

    • haha!!!

      Hey Dane, you guys coming up anytime soon?


      • Hey Cathy!

        *sigh* I just don’t know. I am so sick of dragging the kids around…

        I’m sure we’ll be down again in a few weeks. We just can’t stay away! 🙂

    • Now that we know she is good in the car for long distances, we may consider it soon!! We would be best leaving in the evening, bathing her, feeding her and packing her in the car as she would probably sleep the entire way! LOL

      • Ah yes traveling in the evening is great, but not up here b/c of the moose danger. 😦

        I know you guys will be up here as soon as you can… 😉

        Love Dane




      We had a fantastic time as well! 😀 Thanks for having us!

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