Posted by: mommyq | August 17, 2005

No pictures today…

We are officially OUT of batteries for our camera! LOL So, no pictures today. Our digital sucks batteries like crazy and since Syd was born, we have gone through a Costco size package of batteries! LOL I think we are going to invest in some good rechargable batteries in the near future!

Yesterday we were out and about. Pat went to meet with somebody regarding some work stuff and since he was going downtown, I had him drop me off at the Eaton Centre. We visited my old office and spent a few hours visiting with everyone. My old boss gave us a new CF gift card to test out while we were there so, we wasted nooo time in doing some shopping! LOL Pat called to tell me he was on his way when I was leaving the office so I had him park and meet me for some lunch and shopping. We checked out H & M which is fairly new in Canada and they had some really cute stuff! I TOTALLY forgot about the Old Navy so we ended up buying something from Baby Gap:

We have Sue’s wedding this weekend so we figured this would be cute to change Syd into in teh evening so she is ready for bed when we get home!

We also got her the cutest pair of track pants:

The strip up the bum is way too funny!!

I seriously could have spent a fortune in there but they did not have a lot in her size and by the time she is 3 months, she will be out of the summer stuff.

We didn’t end up leaving the mall until 4:30! LOL

Syd went to be at 7pm and was fussing at 9pm so, I decided to feed her in hopes that she would sleep past the usual 1pm feeding and, it worked like a charm…she slept till 3:30!! Tonight, I am going to try feeding her at midnight and see if we can get her to sleep until 6am!!

Pat and I are dropping the baby off at my mom’s today as we are doing some furniture moving at home. We are prepping for moving Syd to her own room so the desks and computers have to come out, we need to clean up and prep the walls for painting! FUN TIMES!



  1. Cute outfits. 🙂 What colour are you painting??

    • See my recent update! 🙂

      Oh, btw, I was ebay searching for crib bedding (because I have an obsession with it! LOL) and came accross Natalia’s stuff! LMAO I opened it and recognized the bedroom right away!

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