Posted by: mommyq | August 19, 2005

Hello Everyone…

Long time no see! HA HA

We had a bit of a lazy day yesterday. Pat and I were achy from the day before and I guess Syd didn’t have a good night because she slept for most of the day. At about 3pm, we headed out to Wal-mart to check out some paint stuff and decide on colors/patterns etc.

Our little girl was dressed all pretty in pink:

(what else is new)

Pat and Syd were dropping me off after at Mother Tuckers for dinner with my girlfriends. He came in and waited for everyone to arrive so they could say hi to Syd. She wasn’t in a very good mood yesterday and was a bit cranky so nobody really got any quality Syd smiles and hugs. My girlfriend Judy had not seen Syd yet and she was sweet enough to bring her a little gift.

It was a beautiful jewelery box with her name engraved on the top (the first thing with her name on it!!). Pat came home to get Syd ready for bed and I had a great evening catching up with my girlfriends. I got home at about 8:30 and Pat and Syd were sitting in dark in her room eating and getting ready to go back to bed.

Pat is in Sauble Beach today for a meeting so he left at 4:30 this morning! He called us at 7am and we had just gotten up. I put the phone to Syd’s ear so Daddy could say hello and her reaction was so sweet. First, she made her “ohhhh” face. Then, she started jabbering to him. Cooing and gurgling! Then, when I finally took the phone back to talk to Pat, she started fussing! LMAO

Here I am talking to my dad.

Then, we had some tummy time!

I am getting so much better at holding up my head!!

But MAN is it ever tiring!

I am already starting to practice crawling!

I have to keep my mommy company because daddy is gone for the day!

So, on to the room update. Here are the BEFORE pictures:

and the crib will go where the cradle currently is.

The wall behind the cradle (or future crib) is going to be a nice light purple color. All the other walls will be a nice light pink. Then, we are going to run a band of purple in the middle of the walls with the pink and once the band of purple dries, we will stencil a pattern in shades of pink on the purple band. Not sure if that makes any sense to anyone! LOL



  1. She is getting so big so fast!!!

    Can’t wait to see her on Sunday.


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