Posted by: mommyq | August 22, 2005

Another weekend come and gone!

Life seems to be moving SOOOO quickly! Sydney turned 8 weeks on Saturday and will be 2 months old on Thursday! She has her appointment for her first set of shots on the 29th and I am really NOT looking forward to it.

Pat was in Sauble Beach on Friday so Sydney and I chilled out at home and watched the crazy storm. It would have been much more enjoyable if daddy was home and we didn’t have to worry about him driving in it. Syd was not phased at all by the loud crashes and bangs. Since we were starting to feel a little stir crazy by the end of the day, I decided to entertain myself with the camera! LOL I just found the little “flower” setting on our camera which I am assuming is for close up pictures so, I managed to take some that were not blurry! LOL I guess I should crack out the manual and see what other things I can do with the camera! LOL

Mommy dressed me up like a boy today and I DIDN’T like it!

Really, really, REALLY didn’t like it! LOL

Here I am listening to the rain outside.

Mommy LOVES to stick the camera in my face,

So, I told her what I thought about it!

Here I am pushing myself up on my dad’s chest..

Saturday was a pretty slow paced day. We went out shopping for a change table and then headed up to the spring to fill our bottles. Then, off to the other end of the city so that Pat could pick up his teaching materials for today. I was planning on making a roast in the crock pot but forgot to get it started before we left so instead, I popped it in the oven when we got home and we had a nice romantic dinner with candles and everything.

Sunday was a crazy day. The two mornings before, Syd had awoke with some yellowish crust around her ears so, we decided after a call to telehealth to take her to the clinic to have it looked at. The clinic opened at 10am so we figured if we got there right when it opened, we would be one of the first people in. We got there just as they opened and Syd was the second person registered. However, our luck kicked in and the DOCTOR was running late and didn’t get it till 10:45! Grrrr. As with any walk-in-clinic, she was examined and declared to have an outer ear infection in under 1 minute flat. The doctor seemed a little impatient with me because I had a million and one questions but, too bad for her..I wasn’t late and wasn’t going to be shoved out the door because she was trying to play catch up.

Basically, what Syd has is equal to swimmer’s ear. Because babies cannot shake the water out of their ears, it can sometimes turn into an infection. Syd LOVES to push her head back in the tub so that both ears are submerged so, I am not suprized! LOL What we will be doing now after every bath is taking a snot sucker to her ear to get out the excess water so this doesn’t happen again. She was a little cranky after we put the drops in but I did manage to get her down for a 1 hour nap. I wanted to clean off the ear guk and get her ready to get dressed so I gave her a quick sponge bath. Before this, she showed no signs that her ear hurt as we had been touching it without issue. However, when I went to wipe her ear this time, SHE SCREAMED out in pain. Poor daddy came out of the bathroom and both baby and mommy were BAWLING! LOL I felt so horrible for having hurt her.

We managed to get ready with some time to spare when Syd and her poopies hit! LMAO Pat was giving her the rest of her bottle so I could quickly put up my hair and get dressed when she pooped. So, daddy changed it, wiped it all away and switched to the other diaper when she pooped again! LOL He wiped that away and SHE POOPED AGAIN. This continued for a good 15 minutes with Pat in his suit holding her legs up and waiting for her to finished. Before it was all done, she managed to pee twice as well! HA HA HA He went through 3 diapers trying to change her. I just laughed because it didn’t happen to me! LOL

We ended up getting to the wedding location with 15 minutes to spare! We had a cranky baby that needed lots of love and attention so we didn’t really get any pictures but, Pat managed to snap one of the happy bride and groom!!

It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony and the reception was so nice as well!!

Well, I should go and tend to the little one. She is in a bit better spirits today (after some morning Tylenol) and is sitting revelling in the sounds of Bear in a Big Blue house. She has tons of stuff around her to play with and she is stares mezmerized at the TV! She certainly is her father’s daughter! LOL



  1. Poor baby. 😦

    Hope little Syd is feeling better soon!


    • She was in MUCH better spirits today!

  2. She is so cute Sue, I was so happy to finally meet her.

    I wanted to hold her so bad, but I had a few drinks so I did not want to attempt it.

    Steph and I really want to come see her, so we will arrange something.

    Love Teta Mila

    • LOL No problem! Send me an e-mail and we will schedule some Syd time!

  3. I LOVE the picture of her pushing her head back and showing all of her neck rolls!!!!


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