Posted by: mommyq | August 28, 2005

What a DAY!

Why is it that bad days always start with bad nights? LOL

My usually night time princess, was anything but last night! She went down at her usual time (7pm) but it was after a very cranky afternoon. She even cried in the tub which is VERY unusual for her. She then woke at 8pm and had to be settled. She woke again at 10pm HUNGRY (which is usually very odd because at most she usually wakes up at 1:30am but usually 3:30am for the first feed after going down!). She then woke at 1:30, 3:30, 5:15 and 6:30 (5:15 was just a wake up and needing to be cuddled back to sleep). Since Pat was working and was dropping me off at my mom’s house, I had to feed Syd and get myself showered and dressed before 7:30 when we had to leave. We ended up getting out the door closer to 8am but, we always build in a 1/2 hour cushion so we were still on time! 🙂 So, at this point, instead of being bright eyed and bushy tailed, I was pooped and in need of some serious sleep.

Syd was a dream in the morning at my mom’s place and we had fun cooing and laughing. At about 9:00, she started to show her tired signs so I fed her and she drifted off. I put her down in my mom’s room and went down to finish my coffee. She woke not even 5 minutes later and was just chilling out in the pen. The day started going downhill at this point and by the end of the day, it was just a mess. Syd continued to get crankier and crankier as the hours passed but she would NOT sleep no matter what I tried. I was hoping to go out for a few hours after I got her down but, I ended up taking her with me to see if that would help put her to sleep but, she only managed to get about 20 minutes the entire time we were out. She got to the point where she wouldn’t let anybody hold her, wouldn’t let me put her down and wouldn’t go to sleep. I FINALLY got her to go to sleep at about 5pm maybe? and even then, she would wake up every 45 minutes or so and need to be settled again. Her dad arrived at about 7:30 and it was then she woke from her nap in MUCH better spirits. She was her usual sweet cooing and smiling self! We stayed till 9pm and she was starting to fuss again so we packed her up and brought her home to get her settled in for the night. Thankfully, this was Pat’s night to bath, feed and put to bed because I was EXHAUSTED and in need of a break! She enjoyed her bath at first but, I think she was still overheated from the day and didn’t enjoy the warm temps (we usually keep the bath at just under 100 because she LOVES it warm most other days) so, after about 5 minutes, she started wailing so we quickly ended the soak session. Once she was out and had her soother in her mouth, she was a MUCH happier girl! Daddy got her dressed (in another new sleeper that I thought was going to be WAY too big but ended up fitting her perfectly [[[SOB]]]] SHE IS GROWING UP WAY TOO FAST!!) and then went to her room to have her bottle. She had about 1 ounce and then PASSED OUT COLD! LOL It is now 11:30pm and we have not heard so much as a PEEP from her room so, here is to hoping we have a nice long sleep tonight!

Since the day was so crazy, I did not even managed to get 1 picture taken! 😦 But, thankfully, my camera was full from the last couple of days! LOL

I took the monthly blanket photo:

but, I didn’t zoom in close enough so you don’t really see much of a difference from her 1 month blanket photo:

I think I will try again tomorrow to see if I can get a better 2 month shot!

Next…we all know how much I LOVE the close up shots:

a great smiling picture:

Now, this one I would caption with “What bed head?” LOL

and finally, some sweet snug as a bug in a rug AFTER bath pics. Every night after her bath, we put her on the change pad all wrapped up with her soother and let her have some NO diaper time. We let her sit like this until she starts the hungry “cough/cry” and then we rush to get her dressed and into her room to eat! LOL

as you can see by these pics, she is REALLY starting to follow me (and the camera) with her eyes..

and this last one is dressed and ready for her nighttime feeding. She looks SOOOOO long!

Well, I am off to bed for some much needed sleep!

We have an appointment with Syd’s doctor tomorrow!! She is getting her first set of shots at 11:49 and I am NOT looking forward to it! Our doctor suggested bringing the Tempra in with us so we can give her a dose right before she gets her shots so hopefully, this will help keep her from developing a fever, etc. I also want to talk to the doc about Syd’s constipation problems and see if she suggests changing formulas and, if she has any thoughts on the lack of sleep/cranky issues we are having. I wonder if something is bothering her and therefore keeping her awake and making her cranky. We shall see!

Gnight everyone and sweet dreams! (I know I will be dreaming of a baby that sleeps till the morning! LOL)



  1. What a day Sue!! Did all of this happen during your Mom’s dinner party??

    LOVE the picture of Syd on the pink blanket. 🙂

    • Yup, it all happened the day of the party! LOL

      I didn’t really get to visit with anyone and I think I remember tasting some of the food as I was shovelling it down.

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