Posted by: mommyq | August 30, 2005

2 Month Doctors Appointment…

Syd had her two month check up yesterday!!

Her stats:

Weight: 10lbs 2oz.
Length: 22 inches

I went through my list of questions and concerns with my pediatrician and she advised that we try switching her formula. So, she gave us a sample can of Similac Lactose Free to try and see if it helps with her fussiness, constipation and gas problems. We switched her yesterday and so far, she seems to be no worse off. We should know if this will work by the end of the week.

Two months is the time for the first set of shots and OMG, I HATED IT! Poor baby. There were two needles and so she got jabbed in her both of her pudgy little thighs. She SCREAMED bloody murder during the process and then sobbed in my arms for a good 15 minutes before she showed any signs of calming down. I didn’t even realize that I was crying as well until my pediatrician handed me a kleenex. LOL Daddy and I treated ourselves to Wendy’s for lunch after her appointment and Syd got treated to a new pair of jeans from Old Navy.

We then went home and changed Syd into a sleeper to let her have a relaxing “jammy” day. She whimpered a lot for most of the day but she settled down after her bath. We took her bandages off in the tub in hopes that the water would lessen the adhesion but she still didn’t like it when we removed them! LOL

Her belly button is almost all healed. We have been doing rubbing alcohol to help it dry up and right now, it looks like she has a blueberry in her belly button. LOL GROSS! I hope it falls off soon!

In other news…last night after Syd went to bed, I painted her wooden letters for her room and they turned out great!

Here is what they looked like when I bought them:

and here it is all assembled:

I just have to glue the letters to the back board so I can hang it up. I put it on a pink cloth to see what it would look like on the wall. I really am happy with the way it turned out.



  1. Poor Sue!

    That’s the part that scares me about having kids is having to watch them go through the painful stuff without being able to do anything about it.

    I love the sign – it turned out so well. Who knew you were so handy?

    Talk to you soon.

    • Re: Poor Sue!

      I know..I had no idea that I had crafty in me! LOL I was thinking of doing a shadow box for her room next so we shall see.

      • Re: Poor Sue!

        I’ve heard that they are pretty easy to make but I wouldn’t know. I bought the only shadow box that we have

  2. Poor Syd….I’m glad she’s better today 🙂

    The sign looks great!


    • Thanks Cath. She is doing much better and, I think this new formula is really working for her!

  3. Poor little Syd. 🙂 It does get easier (a little). {{HUGS}}

    The letters look amazing!! Great job!

    • Oh man, I hope it gets easier! LOL I would be happy with not crying myself next time. That would be a good step! LOL

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