Posted by: mommyq | September 1, 2005

I pray that it LASTS!

Last night, Syd went down at about 8pm after a long day of shopping AND she did not wake up until 6:30 this morning!! Yay Syd! Pat and I were both exhausted since we had a late night so, I brought her into bed with us and fed her her bottle. I would have expected that since she had gone 10 hours without food, she would be ravenous but she barely go through 2oz. We had her in between us and she was cooing and laughing while we dozed and then she herself fell alseep again until 9:30! It was fantastic! So, I am praying that this was not just a fluke and that she will now start sleeping through the night!

We had a busy shopping day yesterday as I went out to find Syd a change table. After hitting all of the major stores, I FINALLY hit pay dirt at Zellers of all places where I found a change table for a reasonable price that matched her dresser and crib! YAY! We managed to get it assembled last night after Syd went to bed and moved it into her room this morning. It will be so nice to get all of the diaper changing stuff OUT of our bedroom and into the drawers in her new change table! I should head to Costco soon and stock up on some diapers to fill her drawer now that we have the room! LOL I will be sure to post pictures once I get everything away!

Oh, and in other late breaking news, Miss Syd has found her hands and she thoroughly enjoys sucking on them! LOL It is the funniest thing and it is SOOOO loud when she does it you can hear her from another room!



  1. I TOLD you to go to Zellers! Didn’t I?!?! Glad you found Syd her change table! I love that little darling!! *KISSES*


    • You were right! They did have the best stuff for the best price!

  2. The change table looks great! It must feel great to have everything all put away now. 🙂

    • Oh, you know what it is like when you get yourself totally ORGANIZED! LOL

      Now we just have to paint and it is ALLL done! 🙂

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