Posted by: mommyq | September 3, 2005

Before I get in trouble…

I am taking a few minute to update so I don’t get in trouble for not updating often enough! LOL

It has been a ROUGH week but, we are managing. Not sure if I mentioned this in my previous entries but, we switched Syd to a Lactose Free formula at the advice of our pediatrician. It seemed to have done the trick for the first few days as she no longer squirmed when eating and was hardly spitting up at all! She has also started to have nice and loose bowel movements (smelly..but loose!). However, now she has GAS problems from he**. I had a feeling this would be an issue the first time I mixed up a batch of the new formula as it foamed like CRAZY. I have been putting the Ovol drops in with it which has helped to break down the foam but it is not completely doing the trick. It gets so bad that she often will start SCREAMING in pain until she lets off a few bombs. So, once we are done with this can of Similac we are going to give the Enfalac Lactose Free stuff a try and see if that helps with the gas. If not, we may have to consider going to a Soy based formula but, I really don’t think that this has anything to do with a milk allergy so, I don’t think a soy formula will be necessary. Poor kid FINALLY gets a break from the pain of pooping out a hard stool and now she has to deal with the even more painful task of passing gas. So, like I said, it has been a rough week but, on a positive note, both Pat and I are getting better at dealing with her crying sessions. When your child is screaming it is SOO hard not to knock yourself and think that you are doing something wrong but, we are getting much better at knowing that we are doing everything we can and at times, all we can do is hold her and comfort her while she cries.

She really is such a happy baby when her gas is not bothering her. She is soooo cute that it is hard for me not to eat her little cheeks every minute! LOL She is still sleeping pretty great at night and either sleeping right through or at worst case, getting up once to eat. Her best time is mornings as she wakes up in such great spirits! LOL She LOVES her Winny the Pooh mobile and she usually spends the first 30 minutes upon waking chatting and laughing with her friends! LOL We have the baby monitor on so we can hear her cooing and laughing loud and clear. There really is no better way to be woken up.

Her napping is also getting MUCH better. I have found that by swaddling her during the day, I can extend her naps by about an hour! Today for example, she had 3 naps…first one was an hour, second one was 3 hours and the third was a quick 45 minutes which was fine because if she had slept any longer, it would have interfered with her bedtime!

I have tons of great photos to post!!

Here she is going out with her dad. He took her up to the Markham training office to show her off to his fellow instructors:

so mommy had a nice few hours to herself!

Here she is on her NEW change table! I promise to post a full picture once I get everything organized and put away! LOL

It was so funny because as SOON as the flash went off in the above pic, she smiled and LAUGHED so loud! My camera takes a few to reset so I was only able to catch the tail end of her smile:

Here are a few close ups while she was sitting on her nursing pillow. She really likes it as it elevates her head slightly and lets her look around more!

and with her friend!

and then, testament to how much my baby likes to EAT, here she is HOLDING HER OWN BOTTLE ensuring that mommy won’t take it away….

And, last but not least, I have decided to do a few prints of Syd in shadow boxes for the wall in her room so, I decided to take a few pics and make them a little more artistic:

I think they will look really nice in the frames that we have! My next creative photo project is to get some pics of just her hands and just her feet as I love the way that this looks!



  1. Poor little schmoops! I hope her gas gets better. 😦

    Love the pics of her holding her own bottle!

    BTW, we’ll be down the weekend of the 25th (your anniversary weekend LOL), so if you can hold out till then, I’ll bring the bottles with me.

    Love Dane 🙂

    • I have my fingers crossed that this new formula does the trick. So far, she seems to be doing ok on it but we really won’t know till the end of the can!

      We can wait no problem! I figure by that point, she will probably be moving on up to the #3 nipples so, it will be perfect! I cannot believe our anniversary is just around the corner!! YIKES

  2. She’s such a cutie

    I haven’t logged on for a couple of days. Can’t believe how cute. Pat hasn’t seen any of the pics since before her 2 month – he can’t believe the changes 🙂 I cannot believe she is holding her own bottle and trying to hold up her own head.

    There’s a lot of believes in this I know, but I can’t think of a better way to describe it. I can see that you and Pat are going to have your hands full with Syd the kid – she’s one determined and smart cookie.

    I’m so looking at an infant again….THANKS Sue!!!!!

    • Re: She’s such a cutie

      Yup, she certainly wants to grow up fast! LOL I don’t think I like it! Once she starts becoming mobile, we are in BIG trouble!

      How goes everything with the adoption? Any news?

      • Re: She’s such a cutie

        Nope – we’re not going to get worried until closer to Christmas. We were told that they weren’t even starting intake until September and then the requests were took on a first come first serve basis. There were already people on the waiting list for the fall, so I don’t think we’ll get in for the session. I think it is October and then again in December, so hopefully we’ll be on that one.

        That being said though, if we’re looking for an infant, we may want to go through private homestudy. I’ve contacted several agencies. Most have said though that they are not taking new clients.

        One of the agencies did say that they are, but only for international adoption, which is still an option for us. We just have to see what our layout is going to have to be. That might be one of the longest options because we will have to come up with 40K on average.

        Oh well. As soon as we get the call though, we’ll let you guys know…

      • Re: She’s such a cutie

        I had no idea that there were so many options regarding adoption!

        Keep us posted!

  3. Beautiful pics!!!!

    She is getting SO big!


    • I know! She certainly isn’t a “newborn” any more. Her cry has even changed now to an older sound.

  4. I love the ones where she is holding her bottle.
    She is so cute and so alert.

    Love her

    Teta Mila

    • Too alert for her own good some times! HA HA Like during the day when she is supposed to be napping..she is too busy looking around at everything! 🙂

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