Posted by: mommyq | September 7, 2005

Smiling baby!!!!

Just stealing some time before bed to update! So far, we are 4 days into the new formula and things seem to be improving. However, I seriously think that Syd may have evening colic. She was WONDERFUL today….smiling and happy for the whole day and she napped 3 TIMES (each for at least an hour) and then at 6:30, she just started SCREAMING for no reason. It was just after her bath and she was wrapped up in her towel with her soother and then she spit it out and started wailing. It took me about 10 minutes (felt like 40!) to get her to settle down. She farted a few times but, looking back, 4-6pm seems to be her worst time. I have never been one to believe in colic as I always figured that it was a cop out by doctors when they just had no clue what was going on but, what other explaination could there be for it? Could she really be getting MAJOR gas pains at the same time every day?

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! We were home for the most part but did head up to visit Grandma and Grampa Quinn at their trailer on Sunday. The drive was just over an hour and Syd slept the whole way. It was cool when we got there so we changed Syd into some warmer clothes so we could stay outside and enjoy the fresh air! Syd was safe in her playpen (with canopy) enjoying the sound of the wind and the smell from the wood fire!

Patty got a GREAT picture of Syd in her playpen that she e-mailed to me:

Funny story…if you will look at her feet above, you will notice she is wearing what looks like slippers. Well, when we packed the diaper bag, we COMPLETELY forgot to pack socks or anything so, I happened to have a pair of her mittens (that she wears to bed so she doesn’t scratch) and I put those on her feet to keep them warm! LMAO

As I mentioned in my previous entry, Syd is IN LOVE with her hands and munches on them whenever she gets the chance. Well, I have managed to catch her in the act a few times:

I’m hungry…

Ohhhh so hungry…

God these people NEVER feed me:

Here she is in one of my favorite tops..her Lady Bug top…that we have now started pairing with her new and OHHH so cute Old Navy jeans:

Another funny story…Syd loves anything red. On her mobile, Pooh has a red sweater and she follows him with her eyes. On her bouncy chair, there is a red lady bug and she literally WHAPS the other guys out of the way to see the lady bug. So, this was the first time we had ever put RED socks on her feet and at one point, she was holding up her legs staring and her feet and SHAKING with excitement that something SOOOO interesting was attached to her body!

Hamming it up for the camera:

And last, but certainly not LEAST! I FINALLY managed to capture her great big SMILE on camera! I started taking the picture before she smiled and I managed to nail it PERFECTLY! (the things a mom does to show of her baby I tells ya!)

On that note, I am off to get ready for bed!



  1. Sydney’s eyes remind me alot of Mollie’s eyes – gotta love those beautiful almond shaped eyes! Mollie eats her hands all the time too!!! Oh an those gerber soothers are the best! Mollie won’t take any other kind but I had one heck of a time finind them to buy extras – finally found them at Zellers. Anyhow its off to bed for me – glad to see Syd is doing well – I love all the pics and updates you post – I am a bad updater and never seem to find the time!

    • I love my journal time. It is like mommy therapy for me! LMAO

      We like the Gerber soothers and the Soothies ones that are all one piece. We tried the Avent soothers as I thought she would like something similar to her bottles but she just rolls it around in her mouth and then spits it out. Silly girl!

  2. Can’t wait to see her this weekend!!!

    I love that her lady bug top (the one from me!!) is one of her favorites!! Yay!! (haha)


    • For some reason she loves to eat the lady bug top! LMAO But yeah, she looks so cute in it and every time she wears it, I walk around saying to her in this funny voice, “I’m a lady bug” and she laughs every time.

  3. Love that big smile!!!

    I am LOL at the red socks! Too cute! 🙂

    • Yeah, LOL, the red sock episode was one of the funniest things she has done! Pat and I were HOWLING and she was TOTALLY oblivious shaking with excitement over her own feet.

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