Posted by: mommyq | September 10, 2005

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So, I have noticed lately that my journal is taking FOREVER to load so, I have decided to start using links on the main page so that you only load the pictures for the journal entry that you are reading. I may go back a few entries and edit to fix it if I get some extra time!

So, I am in love with how this next batch of pictures turned out. I know I am a biased mom, but, I spent an hour staring at them this evening after I downloaded them from the camera saying to my self, “OMG, she is just the cutest baby in the world!” Isn’t that bad? LOL

We had a busy week. On Thursday, Pat had a meeting in Peterborough so, Syd and I tagged along and we had a visit with Grandma and Grandpa Hartshorn. It was cool that afternoon when we left the house so I jumped on the opportunity and dressed Syd in a fallish outfit!! These next few pictures really made me realize that summer is almost over. WHERE DID IT GO…it went by so quickly for us!

I cannot get over how much hair Syd has but unfortunately, she got the worst from both Pat and I. She has my not straight/not curly locks and Pat’s cowlicks! LMAO This makes for fun hair days. Here, we have some great bed head pics:

The faces are priceless with the hair! LOL Almost like she is saying, “Dude, do you HAVE to take my picture with my hair like this?”

I also managed to snap some more pics of her and her friends. She cracks me up because as much as she loves smiling and laughing, she can be SOOOOO serious!

You would think she wasn’t enjoying herself but honestly…she loves her buddies! She is the same during her bath. She LOVES LOVES LOVES bath time but she gets very serious faces when she is relaxing in the tub! HA HA

On Friday, we went out to Costco and the water spring in the afternoon so we were able to swing by my friends place in Ajax and pick up a Bumbo seat. They are the newest and hottest thing in the baby world. It is a seat made from low density foam and is designed to use the babies own body weight to keep them seated. The Bumbo Baby Seat We put her in it on Saturday morning and she seemed to really like sitting up!

She still is a bit of a bobble head so I am not really leaving her in it for longer than a few minutes but, I think this will help with her neck muscles and of course, it keeps her off of her head for a few extra minutes every day which is crucial in preventing FLAT HEAD! HA

We also ran into Pam, a long time friend of Patrick’s family at the spring and she had us swing by her place on the way home to pick up a gift for Syd. One of the items was a robe and jammies set so we washed it up Friday night and put her in it after her bath this evening! She looked so adorable that we had to take a BUNCH of pics! (I want to apologize in advance for the milk mouth in these pics but Syd was cranky and hungry so I had the bottle in her mouth and just pulled it out long enough for us to get each pic! LOL)

Daddy is taking cues from Mommy and is starting to get good at the EXTREME close up shots! LOL

Showing off the FULL look.

And last but certainly not least, the original…often imitated but never duplicated Mommy close-up shots!

Well, on that note..I am off to catch some Zzzzzzzzz’s.



  1. Sue,

    I cannot believe that she’s still under 3 months old. The summer did sure fly….seems like I blinked and it was gone.

    That seat is so great! She looks like she trying to see everything that she can from this different viewpoint – looking this way then that way….LOL


    • She does seem so much older than she is. I think it is the fact that she just has LOADS of personality! And, she is ALWAYS looking around. All the toys and stuff at this age really aren’t necessary because honestly, she is so content just looking around at the world.

  2. Cuteness overload!!! What a cutiepie!!!

    The poor girl with her not straight, not curly locks…*sigh* I am blessed with the same hair and it’s troublesome at best. Although, she will be able to wear her hair super straight one day and super curly the next. That type of hair is work, but so versatile (like I have to tell you, you have that hair too! LOL!).

    • Yeah, you are cursed with the same hair as well. However, I always find that your hair looks GREAT…I’m not that lucky.

  3. Awe

    Suzie, she is so beautiful!! I LOVE the hat/sweater!!! I don’t blame you for staring at these pic’s, she is such a cutie 🙂
    Love, Nicole

    • Re: Awe

      Thanks Nicole!

      Funny story about the sweater. I was out with my MIL and we hit a few garage sales. I came to one where the lady had IMMACULATE children’s clothing that looked like new so, I purchased this cute little sweater and hat set for $3 or so. The funny part – the yard sale was 2 years ago so Syd wasn’t even a twinkle in our eye!

  4. What cute pics, I love her fall outfit (that hat is adorable) and her cozy little robe set is just too cute 🙂

    Loved spending time with you guys yesterday!!! Next time, I’m coming alone (Billy’s always in a rush wherver we go) and spending the whole day (just try to get rid of me -haha).

    I too have the not straight, not curly hair and I hate it. Syd’s looks EXTREMELY CUTE though so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.



    • Hey Cath! We had a great time visiting with you guys!

      You are more than welcome to come and spend a day. I knew when you said you were briging Billy that you would have to run home to the pug! He is SUCH a mother hen.

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