Posted by: mommyq | September 13, 2005

So, we have purchased the paint for Syd’s room and we are starting the daunting task of painting on THURSDAY!! I am so excited!

We purchased a really nice pink color that we will paint on most of the walls. The color is Fairest of Them All which is one of the Disney Collection colors. Then, the wall and the two little corners behind her crib will be painted purple. If you look at this picture, it is the wall behind the cradle that will be painted the purple color.

The color we chose was One Enchanted Evening which is also in the Disney Collection. I managed to find the codes for the colors to show you what they will look like together:

Now, on to the Syd pictures….

I have been trying out some POSED pictures and I tell photography is NOT easy! LOL Poor kid, I put her through so much just to get a cute picture! LMAO

We tried a cute idea with her in a metal tin that I have!

Here is the finished product:

and this is what we had to go through to get it:


We tried a bumbo shot with a backdrop and ended up with some more tears:

and then we got a nice shot:

except I didn’t realize the soother was there until I uploaded the pictures to my computer! LMAO

some candids:

and last, but certainly not least…first thing in the morning BED HEAD!

Syd was nodding off after bath time last night so Pat didn’t have a chance to comb her hair before he put her hat on so we ended up with Ace Ventura in the morning!




  1. What adorable pics!!!!

    Love the bed head!!


    • Ha ha! Bed head pics are always my favorite! But, taming that crazy bed head in the morning is another story! I wish they made baby gel…I remember buying some for Mede and Oli when they were little but I have searched high and low and have not seen any.

  2. I love the pics that show how she was while you set up the pics!!!! That is priceless! Do you scrapbook cuz those would make an aweseome layout.

    • Yeah, I would love to scrapbook but right now, I am so many other things on the go! LOL Maybe one day!

  3. Alllllrighty then!!!!!!! Baaaahaaaaa!!! I am LMAO!!!!!!!! Priceless!

    Can’t wait to see the pics of Syd’s new room!! 🙂

    • Glad I could bring some humour to your day! LOL Syd’s hair is always good for that!

      I should have some pics of her room posted by Saturday morning!!!!

  4. How’d the painting go today?

    • It went really well! We got everything sanded and one coat of the pink done yesterday. This morning is coat 2 of the pink and then in the afternoon we are doing coat 1 of the purple. So, coat 2 of the purple should go on Saturday morning and then we are pretty much done. We are going to let it COMPLETELY dry over the rest of the weekend and I will start on the border next week. I don’t want to tape over the paint until it is BONE dry.

      • Good idea 🙂

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