Posted by: mommyq | September 16, 2005

Long night!!!!!!!!

Well, I don’t know if Syd is going through a growth spurt or if she was just disoriented NOT being in her own room but we had a LONG night! She went down NO problem at 7pm since she had very few naps that day and I did not hear a PEEP out of her until we came in to bed at 11pm. She woke up and started fussing and could NOT put herself back to sleep. Even the soother wasn’t helping so, I fed her. She managed to drift off but had a very fitful night and, without the buffer of the baby monitor set on low, I heard every grunt and groan. At 2:30 I was awakened by some more serious fussing that meant, FEED ME LADY. So, another bottle and back into her cradle for some more grunty sleep! LOL She woke again at 5:30 and a managed to just sooth her back to sleep till 7:30. I am EXHAUSTED and don’t think I slept more than 3 hour in total. I love my baby girl but cannot WAIT till she can go back to her own room for both of our sakes. LOL

Panting went really well yesterday. We did the first coat of the pink and I absolutely LOVE the color that we choose. It is such a subtle pink and not an “OMG, the walls are painted PINK” kind of pink. Coat 2 is going on this morning and then we are moving to the purple section. I cannot wait to see how that one looks on the wall!!

So, it appears that pregnancy/baby hormones are still raging STRONGLY. Last night, we watched an episode of House and it started showing parents holding their new baby in the hospital. The baby looked EXACTLY like was uncanny. The same mouth, nose, facial expressions…EVERYTHING! Just after I pointed it out to Pat, the baby started convulsing and puking and the doctors had to rush in. Well, I just started SOBBING and I mean full out tears streaming, cannot catch your breath SOBBING! Well, Pat grabbed the box and was going to change the channel but, I could not let him! I had to watch the entire show and make sure that the baby was going to be OK! Turned out that it was an outbreak and it effected all of the babies in the hospital so they had to close down the ward. They didn’t know what it was and didn’t have much time to find out so, they started all of the babies on 2 antibiotics. One of them started to cause liver damage so, they used the two original babies as their control group and one continued on one of the antibiotics and the other continued on another. It was heartwrenching…one of the babies died and after the autopsy they found it wasn’t a bacterial infection but a virus (which cannot be treated with antibiotics) and they didn’t have much time to figure out which of the thousands of viruses it was. Well, in the end, they figured it out and all of the other babies were treated and lived! I tell you, I have NEVER cried that much watching a television program! The baby that looked like Syd was the one in the control group that was ok in the end. So, I am glad that I forced myself to finish watching it.

Yes, moms are weird people!! LMAO

Well, I should go and get things prepped for our long day of painting!



  1. Being a Mommy makes you strong in some ways, and weak in others. 😦 I would have cried too. {{HUGS}}

    Good luck painting the room! I can’t wait to see it when you’re done!

    I hope that Syd goes down for a big nap today so that you can sneak in some much needed rest. 🙂

    • Too true Dana!

      I posted a pic of the room and the painting/ceiling fiasco! LOL

  2. I saw that episode last night too and was just about in tears! I wonder if stuff like that happens in real life – the whole taking the one baby off the meds thing? I know it was to help the other babies but it is really a little too much for me to handle. You will be posting pics of the room when its done right? I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

    • Oh, it was horrible! Just thinking about it now makes me get all teary eyed. Especially since they weren’t completely honest with the parents.

      I posted pics to show the color but I will certainly be posting pics once it is all done!

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