Posted by: mommyq | September 22, 2005

Good Evening!

Just taking a break from our crazy week to post some pictures!

We had a busy day of running around yesterday! We started the afternoon with a trip to IKEA! We had lunch first because IKEA has a GREAT restaurant. We made it through the entire top floor without any problems but in the textiles section, Syd started to get unruly! LOL So, I picked her up from her car seat and it was quite OBVIOUS why she was upset….SHE STANK! LMAO I’d be cranky if I smelled like that as well! So, off to the bathrooms to get freshened up! Now, IKEA really knows their target audience because not only do they have TONS of Family parking spaces, they also have a Family Washroom that has a change table (a real one..not those plastic fold into the wall kinds), complimentary diapers and a chair for feeding. So, we finished off our shopping experience and our pocketbooks were only $75 lighter! LOL That is quite a feat for a trip to our favorite store!

I bought one of those canopy nets for over Syd’s crib:

We also got some curtains for her room. I wanted something dark that would block out the light in the hopes that it will help with her daytime napping but, I also wanted to keep with the color them of pink and purple. So, what I did was get dark blue curtains:

and then got a really nice sheer purple to go over top:

The look of the two curtains together is SOO nice!

After we spent our few hours at IKEA we went to pick up a playmat toy that I purchased. Syd tried it out today and she absolutely LOVES it! One of the dangle toys has a mirror and she spent a good 20 minutes today talking to herself! LOL

She is turning into quite the little chatter bug. Once you get her going, she will goo and ahhh and ohhh forever!

Next, we hit Michael’s as I had to pick up some supplies for Pat’s anniversary gift! I would tell you all about it but Mr. Nose reads my journal and I don’t even want him to get a hint! LOL Finally, we hit Costco for some grocery shopping and, I picked up a battery charger and some re-chargable batteries! So, I will NEVER be out of batteries for the digital camera again!

In order to celebrate, I took some pictures when we got home:

In other news, we finally picked up the crib and mattress tonight! Toys R Us has a big sale on that ends tomorrow so we wanted to get it at the discounted price.

The ceiling guy is coming in tomorrow so hopefully Pat and I can assemble it tomorrow evening! I hope she adjusts well to sleeping in it!

Saturday we are having our second ever date night without the baby!! My mom is coming here to watch her and Pat and I are going out to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by!! We will have been married a year and Syd will be turning 3 months. YIKES!

Well, I am off to bed but, I will leave you with 2 more pictures of our little DIVA:




  1. Love the glasses, and she knows she looks good. hahaha.

    Sue just wondering if you have received the baby shower invitation, and if you are coming.

    Love Teta Mila

    • Yes, I am coming for sure! So sorry to have taken so long, for some reason I thought the RSVP date was September 30 and I was waiting for Pat’s schedule to get finalized so I knew what was going on! πŸ˜€

      • For some reason a few people did not receive the invitation, so I have been checkng with people just in case.

        I am glad you are coming, please, please, please, bring the baby. I need a baby fix.

        And you know what its true some days I look at her pictures she looks like Pat and other pictures she looks like you and so much like Olivia, i guess Olivia takes after you also, and Mede looks like Tony.

        I love the room looks so girly, its beautiful. And I must say in every picture Sydney looks like a very happy and content baby, I love her.

        Teta Mila

      • I am always up for bringing her along so, as long as she is invited…we will both be there. I just have to warn you…SHE EATS A LOT! LOL (Just kidding)

        And thanks for you comment about how content she looks. As a mom, that made me happy enough to bring tears to my eyes! πŸ™‚

  2. What great pics! Boy yis Syd ever starting to look more and more like Pat.

    I really like the crib you guys bought πŸ™‚



    • It’s soo funny how people are split. Half of our friends and family insist that Syd looks so much like Pat and the other half think she is the spitting image of me!


  3. Oh Sue she is just too cute especially in those sunglasses πŸ™‚ You are right about Ikea! They are so family friendly. We love it too. Have you gone to the newer one in Vaughn? Love the colours of the curtains too πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend and anniversary πŸ™‚

    Take Care

    • It was the Vaughn location that we went to because I wanted to check it out and I really liked it! Not sure if it was this location or if it is because there are a few more IKEAs now but I remember the parking at Leslie/401 was always crazy and without fail, you couldn’t find a spot unless it was off in the furthest corner.

  4. Oh Sue, those pics of Syd in the glasses are too cute!!!

    Gotta love IKEA!!! Remember our IKEA trip from hell!!?? LMAO! I am surprised any of us ever go back! LOL!

    I have that same mesh canopy for Talia’s room, but haven’t set it up yet b/c I am so afraid of her getting tangled in the mesh at night. I have issues…I know! πŸ˜‰

    • But we had so much fun that day! Who doesn’t want to spend 12 hours at IKEA! LMAO

      I am so with you on the worry! I had the same thoughts when I was looking for it but, at this point, Syd cannot even roll let alone get up and get herself tangled in it so we are good. But, I am pretty sure once she is more “mobile” I will most likely take it down.

      • I just had a thought…what you could do is have it down only when she is NOT sleeping in it and then find a way to clip it back when she is sleeping!!!

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