Posted by: mommyq | September 29, 2005

3 Months OLD!

Sydney had her 3 month Well Baby appointment on Tuesday and it went well.

Her stats:

Weight: 11 lbs 6 oz
Height: 24 inches

Her weight has been in and around the 20-30 percentile since she was born but her height jumped this month to the 80th percentile from her average 40-50! No needles this month (thank GOD) but, I think Syd reconized the needle lady because she started to scream the minute she saw her! LOL The doctor was laughing as she said that it usually takes kids 2-3 times before they do that!

Syd may have some slight eczema but other than that, all checked out well.

I got out the camera and did some more “posed” shots that turned out really cute! But, I got Pat’s arm in a few of them so I will have to edit it out! LOL

and then we took a few as we were getting ready to leave for the doctor:

I love how she is holding her glasses in this one! LOL

In other news, we had a formula debacle this week that we have resolved. The formula that we buy for Syd (Enfalac LactoFree) is only sold in 400g cans (powder) only whereas most formulas are sold in the larger 800+g cans. But, this is the formula that agrees with her the most so we just have lots of cans lying around! LOL Well, Wednesday evening (after 10pm) we realized that we were low on formula so Pat went out to get coffee and to pick up formula. He went to Dominon and 3 open late Shoppers and they had NADA. I had enough to get through the night and do the morning feed so I told him we would just pick it up on the way to his doctors appointment.

So, I called around and found out that a Shoppers that was on our way had a can in stock. I go to the check-out and the cashier announced $21.75. Now, Shoppers is generally more expensive than Dominion or Walmart (who sell it for $10.45) but, we had always paid $13.99 so I questioned her about it and she said that was the price that came up. I didn’t have time to take it any further at that point since we had to be at the doctors for 11:40 and it was 11:00 and I NEEDED the formula so I grabbed the bag and the receipt and left. I called the 1-800 number for Shoppers and explained the situation and it took them FOREVER to look into it. He finally came back and explained that there was a price increase in the last week directly from the manufacturer.

So, I called Enfalac today and explained everything again. Turns out, they are transitioning from a 400g can to an 800g can and Shoppers changed the price but still has the 400g cans!!! So, Enfalac is sending me a voucher for the difference and I have called back Shoppers to explain! Who knows, maybe they will send me a voucher for my troubles as well.

After Pat’s doctor’s appointment, we had another nice visit with Dana and the kids and of course, a few hour visit turned into a whole day visit and we didn’t leave till they were packed up and ready to head back to Sudbury! LOL Syd passed out in the car on the way home and we quickly changed and put her to bed when we got here. My little angel then slept till 5:30AM!!! And, she tried so hard to put herself back to sleep but she needed a little food! I walked into her room with a bottle and she had her thumb in her mouth. It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen so I just HAD to wake Pat up and show him! 🙂 I think he would have thought it was much SWEETER if I wasn’t 6am! She was out by the time she finished the bottle and went down till 8:30!!

UPDATE: Just as I was typing this, Shoppers called me back and they will be refunding me the difference and adding some Optimum points to my card for our troubles!

So, finally, for anyone that has ever doubted that Syd is her daddy’s little girl:

This is her WATCHING TV!!!!! Little bugger! LOL



  1. Cute, cute, cute!!

    I love that TV picture. 🙂 Was she watching her new Baby Bach?

    Had a great time this weekend…miss you guys already. 🙂

    • You know what is funny, she didn’t like the Baby Bach the first few times I played it for her but, we just let her watch a bit before her bath tonight and she was transfixed! She was actually giggling and squealing at some points! I tell ya, we missed out on our chance to make the millions Dana! Oh well, we still have our vibro carseat idea! LOL

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