Posted by: mommyq | September 30, 2005

If I’m dreaming….please don’t wake me up!!!!!!!!

Sydney Jordan Quinn slept through the night last night!!!!!!!!

Right now, Syd consumes 20oz of formula per day. What I do to monitor this is each morning, I give her a 4oz bottle and then pour the freshly boiled formula into a 16oz container that I have. So, I don’t have to count each bottle to know how much formula she is drinking. Well, before yesterday, by the time we were giving her her after bath bottle, she still had 2-4oz left in her container. Well, yesterday was the first time that she drank the final 4oz at 7pm. So, I crossed my fingers and hoped that it meant she would sleep through the night and NOT that she had gone through a growth spurt and was now upping her formula intake per day. (Yes, I know this sounds very technical for baby stuff but I tell ya, wait till you hear my theories on POOP! LMAO)

And, as I thought, she did not stir until 6:30 this morning when I gave her her soother and she went back to sleep for another 30 minutes! Not tooo shabby. So, this evening we have the same scenario except this time, she is 1oz short of her 20oz so, what I plan on doing is sneaking into her room at 11pm before I go to bed and see if she will take the last ounce. I have done this before (the technical term for this is a “dream feed” and it works well). She usually takes the formula without waking up!

The new rechargeable batteries are fantastic! I have 4 so there are 2 in the camera and two in the charger. They actually last longer than the non-rechargeables which is great as I get more pictures before having to switch them.

So, I am back to going photo crazy! We have to get in for Syd’s 3 month shots but we have just been so busy lately that I have not even booked it!

Oh, I almost forgot…Syd has something very special to say and she wanted to share it with all of you. Since she doesn’t speak yet, she let her shirt do the talking:

Dana was nice enough to pass this along from Natalia (before this we had I love Daddy stuff, I love Grandpa stuff and I love Grandma stuff but nothing to express how she REALLY feels! HA HA) and Syd cried until I put it on her today! πŸ˜›

Today’s theme is SLEEPY pics. Yesterday I actually had to wake her to give her a bath so, I decided to get some pics before I woke her up. Normally, I am too scared to take pics of her when she is sleeping for fear of waking her but, since I was doing it anyways, I snapped away! LOL

Now, this next one comes with a funny story! I decided this morning that I was going to take Syd for a walk but, before I left, I wanted to take a shower. She was awake so I put her in her bouncy chair in the bathroom, turned on the vibrate function and jumped in the shower. I had her little guys going around on the mobile so she was happy as a clam. When I got out of the shower, the mobile had turned off but she was still content so I went into the bedroom to get dried off and dressed. She was quiet for a good 15 minutes while I was in the bedroom and I was VERY impressed since she didn’t really have anything entertaining her. Well, when I went back in to get her, I found out why:

Isn’t she the cutest sucking on her thumb! I know I won’t find it adorable if she is still doing it at 6 but, for now, AWWWWWW!

And last, but certainly not least, my new FAVORITE picture of all time:

How cute is that face? She is saying, MORNING MUMMY!



  1. Tooo cute!!! I LOVE the shirt!!!!! They should give every mom one of those when they leave the hospital!

    • Good idea! Even better, they should come up with baby tats that say “I love my mommy” so when they are teenagers and say they hate you, you can just point to the tattoo and say, “uhhhh, I don’t think so!!” LOL

      • Haaaahaaaaa!!!! Good plan!!!!

  2. I haven’t been online in a while, but holy cute kid batman! I hadn’t thought about it before, but there aren’t a whole lot of I love mommy shirt. I guess it goes without saying πŸ™‚

    She’s getting quite a camera persona. Looks like she hams it up for the camera, big time.

    Anyways, good to see you – or at least Syd.


    • She LOVES to ham it up for the camera. The video camera is a different story all together as I think she is still afraid of it. We have been trying to capture her babbling but every time we turn it on, she clams up and just STARES at it! ha ha

  3. OMG, I love the new pics, especially the last one.

    I had a great time visiting with you guys on Saturday!! We have to do it more often πŸ™‚


    • We had such a great time as well Cath and we certainly do need to do it more often! Syd told me that she really enjoyed bath time at her Numka Cathy’s house! LOL

  4. TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

    I am so glad she got to wear the onsie!! We have to spread the word that our babies really do love their Mommy. πŸ™‚

    In that last picture, she looks soooo much like Olivia!! Don’t you think?

    Oh ya, WTG Syd on sleeping through the night!! Woohoo!!!!!!!

    • Oops, one more thing…

      She found her thumb! Awwwwwww, too cute. πŸ™‚ She must have learned that from Talia. Perhaps she is practicing for a “thumb off”!!??

      • THE THUMB OFF!! ha ha Now that would be so cute we could probably sell tickets and make our million since we missed out on the moving toys to classical music train! LOL

        She really does look like Olivia but, at different times, I can see a bit of each of her cousins in her. They all share so many similarities! Cannot wait for the next family gathering so we can get a pic of all of them together!

  5. Cutest little face I have ever seen.

  6. Opps that was me Teta Mila

    • Hi Teta!

      Just a few more months to go till you have another “cutest little face” to look at! Are you getting excited????

    • I am very excited can hardly wait to see his little face.

      I am going to spoil him rotten. lol

      He already is spoiled by me. Its funny when I read your post about I love mommy. I bought him a bib already that says I love my Grandma. hahaha and I am now looking into getting a I love Baba Bib made up. hahhaha

      Teta Mila

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