Posted by: mommyq | October 5, 2005

What a week!!!

My week is finally starting to pick up today! LOL

My poor hubby got a really nasty cold/sinus infection that started Sunday morning when he woke up. By the time he got home, he was looking 20x worse and then when he woke up Monday morning, he was in rough, rough shape. I did my wonderful wifely duties and made him a hot toddy on Monday morning (basically honey, lemon, tea and WHISKEY!). He said it tasted HORRIBLE but I made him drink the whole thing and he then passed out from 10am-5pm!! Tuesday he was still pretty out of it and just started feeling better today.

To add insult to injury, my little schmoops was a bit of a bear the last few days so, by this afternoon, I was hanging on by a string! LOL Thankfully, my wonderful MIL Patty came to the rescue and whisked me away (without the baby thanks to Pat’s insistence) for a nice lunch and some SHOPPING! It was just what this lady needed.

In other news, Syd had a consultation with a chiropractor on Monday. Mainly, I had booked in to get Syd’s neck looked at. Ever since she was a wee babe, she has had a natural lean to the right and, as of late, it has gotten much more pronounced so, I wanted to get it looked at. The initial appointment basically consisted of an exam, review of issues and getting to know about chiropractic treatments. With babies, the “adjustments” are much different than with adults. She demonstrated on my arm and I could barely feel her touch. She concluded from the information I provided her, Syd may have had this right lean position in the womb and, being “stuck” during labour may have just compounded the situation. She also mentioned that often times, minor mis-alignments like these can lead to the digestion problems, constipation and spitting up that Syd is famous for! So, this may work out better than I anticipated. We are back to see the chiro tomorrow where she will present her findings and recommended a course of treatment. As an added bonus, the office (that was recommended to me by Cathy) was doing a fall food drive and the initial consult and the finding appointment were free ($125 cost normally) with the donation of 10 canned items.

So, funny story from Friday night! But first, I need to give a bit of background. Pat has this theory that Syd’s little legs need strengthening so that she will be ready to walk when the time comes. So, in the morning when she comes into bed with us, he lays so that her little feet are aimed at his back and she kicks up a storm and he gets a back massage. He claims that it is strictly for her benefit and the the “resistance” helps her. So, Friday was Pat’s night to bath the baby and after her bath, we put her on our bed (on a towel with a waterproof pad underneath in case of accidents):

Once she has had her nekkid time, we give her a body massage complete with lotion. Well, during the massage, Syd was getting excited (she LOVES to have her feet rubbed and she knows that it is coming) and started kicking up a storm. Well, she managed to NAIL daddy right where it counts and he went DOWN:

I guess all of those “strengthening” exercises have really paid off!!!

I also FINALLY managed to do her three month pictures in her frog outfit and she was WAY too active it was almost impossible for me to get a good shot:

And then lastly, we have a pic of her while she was sitting on mommy’s lap looking at the computer:


Ohhhh, I almost forgot to update….since my last post, Syd has slept from 6:30-7:30 in the evening to 7:30-8:30 in the morning! We are really loving this new change! She also realized this morning how to use her Ocean Wonders Aquarium. It is a toy that you put on the side of the crib:

Not exactly as shown

And, you push the button at the front to activate it. So, Syd was up at 7:30 this morning and the only reason we knew it was becaue the Ocean Wonders toy went on…..then went off…then it went on (followed by a giggle) and then it went off….then it went on (followed by a happy scream)…then it went off. She entertained herself till 8:30 when her tummy took over and she called out for some FOOD!



  1. OMG, an I just tell you how I absolutely love the Ocean wonders story? I can just imagine her doing all of this and it brings a HUGE smile to my face. And today, I realy need one, so THANK YOU MISS SYD!!

    A close second is Daddy getting nailed by the little darling!! I spit water at my screen reading that!!

    And of course, her pics are adorable beyond belief, even if the pic you got of her msn’ing me is a la Blair Witch, thankfully minus the boogie!


    • It was highly entertaining! And, a nice way to start the day!

      Daddy getting nailed was TOOO funny! It reminded me of the time when little Joshie nailed (head butted) him 3 times in a row! My husband seems to attract it! LOL

  2. Oh Sue, I am LMAO at Syd kicking Pat! The poor guy, and you got it on camera! LOL!!!!

    Pictures are too cute. 🙂

    • Well, it isn’t fun if you cannot capture these “precious” moments on film! HA HA

  3. Hey Sue,

    How did it go yesterday at the Chiropractor? I had an appointment there last night and got there just before 5 and the doctor told me that I just missed you guys by like 10 minutes.

    I hope everything went well.



    • Hey Cath!

      Sorry we missed you too! If I had known that you were coming, we would have waited!!

      I just updated about the appointment! 🙂

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