Posted by: mommyq | October 17, 2005

Weekends go by sooo quickly…

Another busy weekend for the Quinn Family!

Friday we had the appointment with Syd’s pediatrician (FINALLY). I love her to pieces but the wait we always have is just crazy. Friday, we arrived at our appointment time (12:15) and were not brought into the room until 1:30! She did her exam and was not concerned at all. She said it was more of a mild case of Torticollis and that chances are, it would correct on its own but, it couldn’t hurt to take her for some physio. I left her office feeling SOOO much better about the situation than I did after our meeting with the chiro. Now mind you, her neck WAS worse when we took her to the chiro and we have been pretty diligent since in stretching and getting her to turn to the left more. So, I guess it is working.

We got some pictures Friday morning before we got ready to head to the doctor with Syd and her favorite form of tummy time. Cooing at her daddy…

Pat worked both Saturday and Sunday so I was on my own! LOL My mom decided to pop by for a visit on Saturday because she hadn’t seen her granddaughter for a week! I took the opportunity to give my kitchen a MAJOR once over and cleaned every nook and cranny! My mom marveled at the positive change in Syd as she was laughing and cooing the whole day.

Ohhhhh, forgot to mention…on Friday when we were waiting for the doctor, Syd found her “screeech” voice. It is a cross between a squeal, a screech and a laugh! LOL Right now, it is the cutest thing going but, I am sure it will wear off in a few weeks!

Sunday we had Steph’s baby shower. Since Pat was working, I had my mom come and pick us up. We did a little shopping before and then headed over to the restaurant. I was so thrilled because we were early so I figured I would have lots of time to feed the babe and get her all nice and happy for passing around. Well, turns out we went to the WRONG restaurant! HA HA Steph had her bridal shower at this place so I don’t know why but I guess I just assumed it was there and didn’t double check the invitation. Thankfully, the REAL location was only a block away so we were still there on time! 🙂

Sydney was a dream baby the entire day. She went to everyone without fuss and did not cry at all (until the last 20 minutes of the shower but, that was gas!)

Vicki snagged her for a while and did not want to give her up. She said this was the first time she got to hold the baby without her wailing so she was savoring the moment:

and, as always, Cathy was in line for some Syd time:

Steph looked absolutely adorable! She has the perfect little pregnant belly and, she is alllllll belly. One more month and her new little man will be here.

The air conditioning in our condo was FINALLY turned off today and the heat will be turned on on Wednesday. I cannot wait because it is starting to get COLD. This morning was super chilly so, after Syd woke up, we snuggled in our bed for a bit:

and once my little ham saw the flash, she was perked right up:

She is too funny!

I have never seen anybody ham it up for the camera the way that she does. Today, she was crying, and I mean WAILING:

So, I took out the camera and snapped off a picture. The minute she saw the flash, she stopped crying and posed for the next picture:

And finally, a few more pics I took this morning:

Well, that is all I have for now! 🙂



  1. Oh Sue, I am LMAO at how you went to the wrong place! That sounds like something we would do. Actually we went to the wrong arena for hockey tonight. 😉 Must be parent’s brain.

    The pics of Syd are adorable. I love the one with you and her in bed. 🙂 So cute…

    • HA HA HA!! Yeah, lets blame it on parent’s brain! Good call!

      Syd is so cute…mommy…not so much. Why is it that kids can look so adorable THAT early in the morning? BEFORE COFFEE EVEN! LOL

  2. Thanks Sue!

    It was so nice to see you guys on Sunday. She is toooo cute!


    • Thanks Steph. We had a great time and cannot wait to meet your new little man when he arrives!

  3. She is so cute Sue. I was so happy to finally be able to hold her, she is tooooo adorable.

    And I promise I wont sign to her anymore.


    Teta Mila

    • Meh, I am sure it wasn’t your singing she was crying about. Trust me, if she can handle MY singing, she can handle anybody! LOL

  4. I mean sing….LOL

    Teta Mila

  5. Based on these last photos – I see what you mean about hamming it up for the camera. She’s cute even when she’s crying – mind you – it doesn’t have the sound track 🙂


    • Yeah, the sound track adds SOOOO much to the cuteness (NOT!) LOL

      She is such a ham…Pat and I were joking tonight that when she cries, instead of me saying, “don’t make me get your father”, I will just have to say, “don’t make me get the camera!!!” LOL Heck, it will probably work better to get her to behave!

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