Posted by: mommyq | October 20, 2005

So, it seems Syd is back to her night sleeping routine…THANK GOD!

Tuesday night she was up AGAIN and I tell you, I forgot how tiring it is to wake up at night! She woke up at 4am chattering. I gave her a cuddle and put her back down. Then, she was up again at 5:30 and again, a cuddle and she was good to go back to sleep. I got back to bed at about 6:15 and I said to Pat, “great…time to get up in 15 I even bother trying to fall asleep?” So, Pat reset the alarm to 7am because we both needed it! LOL

I had my shower and got everything ready before I went in to wake up the baby and I gotta say, I actually enjoyed waking her up for a change!!! LMAO We got her dressed and were out the door by 7:45 so, not behind at all!

Since it was early and I figured that it would be cool…I decided on a hat at the last minute. Pat was cracking up because he said with her jean jacket and tight fitting hat, she looked like a dock worker:

We dropped daddy off at the GO station and went to pick up my mom. I had assumed that her appointment was at Scarborough General so, time was pretty tight so, I called her from the car to tell her to be ready and run out when I got there. Turns out that it was Centennary that we were going to so, we were fine for time. I wish I had known because I would have brought Syd’s physio referral to drop off (stupid hospital needs the referral before they will even book you in for an appointment!) and I would have called Diana to meet us because she works there.

We ended up running into her after my mom was taken in and Syd and I were walking around. I was so nervous about germs seeing as it is prime cold/flu season so, I used tons of the hand sanitizer during our time there.

The procedure was done by about 10:30 and we were out of the hospital by 11. I dropped my mom off at home, made her some lunch, emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it. I knew if I left dishes in the sink, she would have gone in and washed them and according to her directions sheet, she was to take it easy for 48 hours. She also is not to lift anything for the next few days but that didn’t stop her from trying to lift Syd in her carseat! Grrrr..MOTHERS! So, I sent her to the couch and brought Syd over to her.

We left at about 12:30 to pick Patrick up from the GO station. My mom was getting sleepy so she decided to lay down for a nap and she ended up sleeping for a few hours!!

After getting Pat, we came home so he could change and we headed out for Costco. When we walked in the door, Syd was awake….when we went to get her to leave again…she was fast asleep!!

We hit Costco and then went up to the spring to re-fill our water jugs and by the time we got home, we were both ready for a nap! LMAO We put Syd down at about 7pm, had dinner and spent the rest of the night just vegging as we had no energy for anything else.

And, as mentioned earlier, last night Syd slept without waking up and both Pat and I slept like the dead!



  1. Love the pics with her hat!!!!


    • I love her in hats but she is not so fond of them! LOL Especially now that her head is getting bigger and her hats are getting SNUG! LOL

  2. That hat is TOO CUTE! Man, she looks like the girls, doesn’t she??

    • She really does! Pat was saying today when he was with her in the elevator, he looked down and was amazed because he felt like he was looking at Olivia!

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