Posted by: mommyq | October 24, 2005

Another BUSY weekend!

I usually try to update Sunday night or Monday morning but, we had a busy day today and this is the first chance I have gotten to sit down at the computer and blog. Syd had a bit of a cranky day today. She has been a little backed up the last few days and then this morning, she pooped out a HUGE HARD turd. After that, she had diarrhea for the rest of the afternoon (thankfully Pat is still on poopy diaper duty and he was home so I was SPARED!). Poor baby, by the time we gave her a bath at 6pm, her little bum was so red and raw from all the action. I slathered her up good before putting her to bed for the night so hopefully it will be cleared up by morning. We have been VERY lucky so far and she has never had diaper rash so, I am hoping that our luck holds.

Friday was a pretty slow day for Syd and I but, we did manage to get out for our daily walk (which we both are really starting to love and look forward to)…

I think we both enjoy the colder weather so, with lots of bundling, I am hoping to be able to walk for the rest of the fall and a small chunk of the winter months. Friday night, Pat and I had a date night! My mom came over and watched the baby as we went out for dinner for Sandra’s birthday. We left the house at about 7pm and my mom called at 7:30pm asking how to turn the TV on so, Syd went down pretty well! LOL We had a fantastic evening and didn’t get home until 1am. My mom was asleep so, she ended up staying the night. The next morning, since my mom was there…I was able to sleep in a little bit but, Pat and Syd were going out for an Early Years program starting at 10pm so, I was up and about by 9am. I decided at the last minute that instead of staying home, I wanted to do some shopping so, I got showered and ready and dropped Pat and Syd off at the Y… Pat posted the pictures in his journal…

Pat’s journal.

My hubby is so adorable with his journal…he is just getting into the whole “feelings” sharing thing so, the journal is a big step for him. He is very “matter-of-fact” but, I love it! I figure we give him a few months and he will be sharing his deepest and darkest of secrets! LMAO [[[[[smooches for my baby who is probably reading this and ready to throttle me! LOL]]]]]

So, Syd’s new favorite game is bouncing on my knee. She just giggles and giggles the whole time. Saturday, I was playing with her and she was just howling….so, of course, we tried to document the moment:

Pat was having a tough time clicking off the picks because she was bouncing so much! LOL

Saturday night, we went out for dinner at our friends new home… Syd was a bit cranky when we got there so I put her down to sleep pretty much right away. However, she woke up just after dinner and would not settle down so, I brought her out and let her socialize. At first, she was a little stunned because she was probably a bit sleepy and in a bit of shock that she was allowed to play with the big kids! LOL However, she quickly perked up and turned on the charm laughing and cooing away. She did not go to sleep until WE GOT HOME and put her into her own crib (at about 12:30AM!) CHEEKY BABY!

Sunday we stayed home and didn’t do much. I did some laundry and tidied up (I did a MASSIVE deep cleaning on Friday so, it was just a matter of picking up a few things and straightening up.

Syd has her 4 MONTH doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 11:30am!!!!! I am so anxious about it because she is getting her shots and, now that she is older, I have this sneaking suspicion that we will get the “WHY ARE YOU LETTING HER DO THIS TO ME” looks. I really am dreading it!! I hate hearing her cry and I especially hate it when I KNOW she will be feeling pain. Poor little boo boo…. Last time, we gave her the Tempra before the shots and she didn’t get any symptoms so, I am hoping that we will have the same luck this time around. However, with her feeling a little “poopy” (no pun intended) today, I am hoping that she doesn’t have a minor bug that may get exaggerated by the shots!

Oh well, I am off to bed!! I will update about our appointment tomorrow afternoon!



  1. OMG, she looks so much bigger than last week, wholly cow, she’s growing fast!!!

    I really need to see her again. Maybe we can arrange something for this weekend?



    • Yes she is! I will e-mail you and we can make some plans for this weekend! 😀

  2. What a hard core baby…but with both of you as parents, it’s no wonder. 😉

    Hope her appt went well today!

    • I know! We have created a hard core monster! LOL

  3. She’s got quite the personality on her…I’ve always heard that the doctor’s appointments at this age are worse on the parents than on the child, because when you put her in the car, you know you’re taking her to the doctors for a shot, but she has no idea…

    • It is very true. I was thinking about her appointment and feeling bad DAYS before we were going to take her in! LOL

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