Posted by: mommyq | October 25, 2005

My 4 month old BABY!

Syd turned 4 months today and had her Well Baby appointment. I just cannot get over how quickly she is growing. She is sooo interactive now and it amazes me that a mere few months ago she couldn’t even smile.

She engages people when we are out by smiling and cooing. She watches everything that we do and is quick to show her delight (or displeasure). She can sit up for a few moments before she topples over. She has even learned to pepper her baby babble with different tones and inflections.

Before I get to her appointment update, I just wanted to share a few pics from this weekend that were still in my camera when I did the last update! 🙂

Since Syd is not a big fan of tummy time, I try to find creative ways to keep her off the back of her head as the last thing I want is for her to get a flat spot. So, our newest position is kneeling in her donut. It was sooo cute to see her sitting with her little bum bum sticking out so I HAD to take a picture:

Monday night, Syd had a late nap, so, we decided to keep her up until we were done with dinner and then put her down closer to 8:30. So, while I was preparing dinner (a new yummy recipe that I found in a Company’s Coming book), Daddy and Syd watched Finding Nemo:

After trying to get this shot…you can certainly tell where Syd gets her focus on the camera genes…it took me 6 shots to get daddy TO LOOK AWAY FROM THE CAMERA and at the TV. I was trying to get a candid shot but the second those two heard the lens zooming, they were perked up and paying attention to me and not the movie:

and this one I just had to share because it is sooooo Syd:

She is always giving me these cute little looks that just make my heart melt.

So, on to the Well Baby appointment from today!! I got Syd all dressed up for her visit and then brought some softer comfy clothes for after so she would be comfy for the drive home:

I had originally booked the appointment for 11:30 because I know she usually goes down for a nap at 10:30 and then by the time she woke up, it would be time to see the doctor. But, of course, she didn’t end up falling asleep until we were actually put into the baby room:

So of course when the receptionist came in to weight and measure her, we had to wake her up and strip her. She was NOT a happy girl! LMAO

Syd’s 3 month stats:

Weight: 12 lbs 7 ounces
Height: 25 inches
Head: 16 inches

After she was done, there wasn’t really a point in dressing her again because we would just have to strip her for the, we left her wrapped in her blanket and the little cutie fell asleep again! LOL

I guess it is true that when kids are tired they will sleep ANYWHERE.

She was sleeping on one of those doctors beds that are so uncomfortable and have that krinkle paper.

The doctor and I talked about solids and we are both on the same page. She doesn’t think there is any need to rush into it as Syd is only eating 20-22 ounces per day and has shown no signs of interest in food. She asked the usual questions about poop, etc and we were done fairly quickly. I had an appointment as well to get my BP checked as I started on BC last month so, we did that BEFORE the shots because I knew it wouldn’t be possible after. So, Syd and Daddy played while we got my appointment finished and then it was the moment I was dreading….THE SHOTS!

Pat and I were talking to Syd and keeping her distracted when the first shot was administered (to her upper thigh). She didn’t cry but after a few second she did give us this look as if to say, “WTF?” LOL It was the second shot (the Prevnar) that the doctor had warned us about. The second one made her WAIL but, I was able to settle her down after only a few minutes. She was laughing after about 10 minutes and we were on our way!!!

Being the weirdo that I am, I wanted to check on her during the drive home so, I stuck the camera back there and snapped off a few pictures that I could look at! LMAO

She was JUST fine. She was a bit cranky this afternoon and would just start crying for no reason. So, I am guessing that something was bothering her. We gave her a second dose of Tempra at 3:30 (we gave her the first dose before we left for the doctor) and she did not get a fever or any other symptoms. We took her outside for some fresh air in the afternoon but since it was raining, we couldn’t go very far. We also decided to start putting Syd in her high seat a few times a week to get her used to it! She seemed to like sitting in it:

After snapping off lots of pictures, something about my little girl all grown up and sitting in her high chair pulled on my heart strings and I started to cry! LOL She just looked like SUCH a big girl sitting there all on her own! [[[[[sob]]]]]

So far, she has been down for an hour and hopefully (fingers crossed) she is feeling better and will have a good sleep tonight! Well, I am off for a late dinner with my hubby!



  1. Way to go Syd, what a tough little girl!!!!


    • She is a trooper! Daddy and I were VERY proud of her.

  2. Those pics of Syd sleeping are adorable! I love the one of her fast asleep on the bed. 🙂 I can’t believe she’s a thumb sucker too!!! Too cute! 🙂

    Glad her shots went well! I was told the Prevnar stings like a SOB. My kids always cry for that one too. {{HUGS}}

    • THUMB SUCKING ROCKS!! It is cute, but, more importantly, if she wakes up at 2AM and needs to be soothed back to sleep, she doesn’t cry for me to come and give her her soother!! LOL

      My doc said the same about the Prevnar…she said she gives that one last so she can make a hasty retreat! LOL

  3. I love the thumb sucking shots! They are too cute. Sue, I want to buy a first years book. Do you have any suggestions?


    • Yeah, there really is something sooo cute about thumb sucking!

      As for the First Years book. I got mine as a shower gift from my MIL so I am not sure where she got it from but, it says Baby Memories on the front and it is like a box/binder and has a nice section in the back like an acordian folder to keep important documents. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.

      But, there is one book that I wish I had known about before I had the baby:

      Baby’s First Year Journal

      It is a weekly journal that lets you record EVERYTHING! I found out about it when Syd was already 1.5 months but, had I found it sooner, this would have been my first choice for a baby book!

      • Hi Sue. These look great. But I was talking about information books. Like the what to expect…

        Ill look into these things as well!


      • Ahhh, ok.

        Well, I have the What to Expect First Year book and what I usually do is read the chapter the day before going for her monthly doctor’s appointment. That way, I can write down in her little log book any questions that I have re: her developement, eating, concerns, etc.

        I also have a book that I got free from State Farm called the Mayo Clinic book of babies first years. I will find the link and password for you so you can order it (it is completely free and you get it within about 6 weeks).

        But, the one book that I would highly recommend that you get and try to read as much of BEFORE you have the baby is the Baby Whisperer. It talks about understanding your baby, setting up routines and avoiding what she calls “accidental parenting” like always rocking your baby to sleep which does not allow them to learn how to put themselves to sleep and causes MUCH work when they are older (and not so easily held to be rocked).

        Those are the three that I use the most but, the internet is also a great wealth of knowlege for any other specific issues or concerns that you have and, it saves you from having to spend a FORTUNE on a baby book library! LOL

        Hope that helps!

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