Posted by: mommyq | October 27, 2005

EARLY morning!

Syd has been up since 7pm with no going back to sleep in sight! LOL So, considering I am not yet fully awake, she is watching Baby Einstein and I am having a much needed coffee.

So, I decided to blog since there was one thing I had meant to blog about from Tuesday. A few minutes after we arrived at the doctor’s office, an older couple also sat down in the waiting room. It was an older European or Middle Eastern husband and wife that were in their 50s or so.

Syd was a good little girl for the most part. She was laughing, talking and charming the socks off of a few of the ladies also waiting to see the doctor. Now, our family doctor is KNOWN for long waits so, I knew that we were in for a treat since Syd missed her morning nap AND I didn’t bring her favorite elephant. And, true to form, about 30 minutes into the wait, she started to get cranky. She had her eye on the doctor’s office toys but, there was no way in heck that I was going to let her play with those germ infested things. We played horsey ride and that worked for a bit but, she had her heart set on those toys. Tiredness and boredom set in and she had a mini melt down. I was able to get her settled and interested in her daddy and then made the mistake of looking up and meeting the gaze of the older woman I talked about earlier. She makes this motion of bringing her thumb up to her mouth and saying “She’s hungry!”. Not a question, not a suggestion but a matter of fact statement. Now, I learned a few months back not to let these things get to me…and really….it only served to make me chuckle and wonder WHY it is that all older women (who I am sure have all had children) think that every time a baby squawks, they MUST be hungry? I mean, they have had children and, if their children were anything like mine and they tried to stick a bottle in their mouths when they weren’t hungry, they would chew on the nipple and drool out most of it. You would think that even though they raised their children in a time without books, dvd’s and suppernannies, they would KNOW the signs of a hungry child!!!!!!

Yesterday, at the suggestion of Carol, our resident ECE expert, we attempted pudding finger painting!!

Since it was the first time, Syd didn’t QUITE know what to make of it and, since her little arms are short, she couldn’t quite comfortably squish the pudding around on her high chair tray. She after she gobbed up her hands, she rubbed them along the back side of the tray:

which made for a nice MESSY clean up! HA HA HA Today, we are going to tackle a much CLEANER game with cotton balls! LOL

The excitement continued on into the evening. Pat had just taken Syd out of the bath and she was lying on our bed having some nekkid time when the FIRE ALARM went off. So, we had to dress the baby…get her all bundled up and CARRY her down 18 flights!!!! She was freaked out by the sound of the fire alarm and probably wondered why the heck she was being carried away from her massage bed! LOL To top matters off, because we hadn’t gotten around to combing her hair, she had CRAZY hair (I really wish I had thought to grab the camera before we left the unit!! HA HA). It all turned out to be a false alarm (somebody on the 10th floor burned their dinner and couldn’t get the smoke alarm to turn off) and we were back up to our unit within 30 minutes. What a night!!



  1. Love the pics of the pudding painting :0) I forgot to mention it is a messy craft LOL 🙂 Next time you could try chocolate syrup YUMMY!! It is just as messy LOL!
    Sydney is getting so big so fast!! I must say people that are born on June 25th are very cute individuals LOL!

    Take Care
    Carol 🙂

    • I don’t think I am quite brave enough for the chocolate syrup! LOL Maybe I will set that as a game for daddy!! HA HA

  2. Pudding paint. What a riot!!! She looks very satisfied as if to say – Hmmmm….messy!

    • See, Pat looked at the pictures and thought the exact opposite. He thought she looked thoroughly disgusted as if to say, “excuse me mommy but princesses don’t GET dirty!” LOL

      • Yes, but it was only after she had played (unless that was YOU! LOL)….maybe she was really thinking…Look at the mess. Who can I blame it on?

  3. Oh…the mess!! I can imagine!!!

    I am LMAO at the old lady in the drs office. That is sooo true…it’s like they forget everything about mothering!! Must be the brain damage of years of sleep deprivation and car pooling! LOL!

    • HA HA HA! Dana, it must be! God help us WE will be the old ladies in the doctor’s office one day!!!!!! [[[[[[[shudder]]]]]]]]

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