Posted by: mommyq | November 1, 2005

I am a bad bad blogger….

I have been neglecting my blog duties lately but, I guess better late than never.

Syd’s first Halloween was great! It certainly didn’t go off without any hitches but, you have to learn to roll with the punches! I ordered Syd’s costume from e-bay and both Pat and I were REALLY excited for it to arrive. The item was shipped by the seller on October 17th and with the normal 5-7 business day delivery from the states, it should have arrived with plenty of time to spare. However, turns out the post last month was being delayed left, right and centre. The costume arrived this morning but, that didn’t do us much good for Halloween! LOL So, Pat and I had to run out to The Children’s Place yesterday afternoon and pick up a costume for Syd. We didn’t know what costumes they were going to have left so, we dressed Syd in her little “Rocky” outfit so we could put the costume over it and she would be plenty warm. It ended up working “ok” with the costume we picked out but, it would have been SOOO much cuter with pink pants and a pink shirt.

I present to you, princess Butterfly:

That slight tilt you notice in Syd’s neck is no other than her Tortocollis BACK AGAIN! 😦 She slept funny on Saturday afternoon and she has been tilted ever since. It really is upsetting because she was doing SOOOOO well before that and, as you had seen from all of her recent pictures, she was holding her head up perfectly straight! [[[[[[cry]]]]]]] But, I have a physio appointment booked for Monday and, she is a bit better today. So, due to her neck troubles, she wasn’t the happiest of butterflies (hence the soother in the photo) but, she enjoyed some of the day.

We went to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Q first and then it was off to see Baba P to help them hand out candy. Patrick had spent Sunday afternoon with Mede and Ole decorating their front lawn for the spookfest. He had a great time dressed in his “scary” costume freaking out all of the kids! 🙂 He was not however, able to scare his little girl! She didn’t even flinch when she saw him in his costume. But, mommy managed to snap a few pics of her beauty and her beast:

Syd got pooped and fell asleep at about 7pm but, she did wake up after her cousins got back from Trick or Treating and gave us a photo op:

The photo session went on a bit tooooo long for the little butterfly and she was QUICK to show her displeasure:

All in all it was a good evening and we all had fun! Next year, Syd will be 16 months old and I think it will be a completely different evening since she may be walking and/or talking! LOL

I received the delivery notice from Syd’s e-bay costume THIS AFTERNOON! So, I do have plans to dress her up and get some pics as well as getting a few more “posed” pics of her in her butterfly outfit (once her neck is a bit better). The costume we ordered from e-bay is a Chili Pepper which is similar to:

except it has “Hot Suff” embroidered on the front! LOL Oh well, I think the butterfly turned out to be pretty cute as well.



  1. Syd looks adorable and Madelaine, Olivia, and Patrick look very scary!! (haha).


    • LOL…I am sure once Syd has a say on costumes she will go with scary as well! I guess I should get the “cute” costumes out of my system before then.

  2. Sydney looks adorable in her butterfly costume!! I can’t wait to see pics of her in the chili pepper LOL! 🙂

    Looks like Sydney had an awsome first halloween!!!!

    Take Care

    • I will be sure to take pics! The hot pepper is STILL sitting at the post office! LOL It has been a crazy busy week!

  3. Too cute Sue!!

    It’s too bad that the costume didn’t arrive in time, but at least you can still snap some pics of it this year and sell it on eBay next year as a brand new costume!! $$$$! (Yep, I’m always thinkin’ of the auctions! LOL)

    Sounds like you guys had a nice Halloween weekend. 🙂

    • OMG, just noticed that my last post was Anon!! LOL! DUH!

      That was me!

      Dane 🙂

      • HA HA HA…the minute you mentioned e-Bay I knew it was you!!

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