Posted by: mommyq | November 6, 2005


Long blog ahead…..

Patrick started training for his new job this weekend and has been working since Tuesday so, I Syd and I have been on our own for 6 long days! LOL He has been leaving for work just as she wakes up and comes home just as or just after she has gone to bed. But, so far he seems to be really enjoying it so, I am very happy for him!

Tuesday morning I snapped some pics as when I walked into Syd’s room in the morning, she had her little legs up almost to her nose and was gurgling away. Her new thing now is to be a little bear so, in addition to the gurgles, aaaaagoooos, squeals and laughter, she has been grrrrrrrrrring! It is absolutely adorable and, she will often do it now with a little prompting grrrr from mommy or daddy!

I tried to get a few pics of her leg aerobics but, I wasn’t quick enough:

I got her a few cute pairs of pants from Old Navy on the weekend so, I was eager to try them on:

She is now wearing a size 6 months in sleepers and pants because she needs the length. I had to put away all of the sleepers she wore as a newborn and it was VERY sad (not sure if I blogged about this already). She is quickly turning into a big girl and leaving her “baby” days behind.

My girlfriend Sandra left for Lebanon on Thursday as her grandmother is very ill and in the ICU. She wanted (needed) to go and say her goodbyes so she purchased tickets and took off within a few short days. She was really nervous about flying and just in general not in great spirits on Thursday so, Syd decided to get her smiling. Syd banged away on the keyboard and sent Sandra little love messages via MSN. At one point, she managed to hit Ctrl-V and pasted something from the clipboard so, it actually made sense and that had Sandra on the floor laughing! Then, she hit enter so many times so quickly and hit enter that she cleared the entire MSN screen…both Sandra and I were impressed with her early computer abilities! I tried to get pictures of her typing away but as SOON as she heard the camera open, she turned to me:

I then tried to put the camera behind her head and get a picture of her that way but she turned her head so far I thought she was going to pull a Linda Blaire from Exorcist:

the whole thing had Sandra and I in STITCHES!

Then, we move on to Friday when Sydney had ICE CREAM for the very first time….

WELL..not exactly!! LOL One of the ladies on my Due in June baby board had a great idea to intoduce baby to solids and help with teething. What I did was put some formula in one of her bowls and put it in the freezer. I put it in teh deep freeze in the morning and FORGOT about it so by afternoon it was a solid block of ice. So, I microwaved it in 5 second spurts so I could break it up into a mushy consistency and, we tried it out. This way, she could get some practice eating, sooth her gums (which have been really sore lately) and try something new and still eat nothing more than what she is already getting.

Here she is wondering what new craziness I am about to introduce.

The first spoonful was met with an “interesting” face but, she opened her mouth and took it in:

but, she seemed to really enjoy it after that and was opening her mouth for more:

I am sure it was probably mostly the coolness on her gums that she liked but, it was a positive introduction to eating with a spoon so, all is good! Basically, because it was just frozen formula, she would gum it a bit and it would melt and then some would droop back out so, by the end of it, she was pretty MILKY.

Saturday was pretty uneventful. We drove Pat to work because we both needed to get out of the house! I had to get her some tights for a Christening we had on Saturday so we picked up my mom and headed off to Pickering Town Centre. Syd had a GREAT nap in the morning before we left the house (1.5 hours) so, she was in excellent spirits for shopping. She grrrrrred (see above about new sounds) the day away! HA HA She had the group of ladies working at Please Mum wrapped around her little finger! They were just fussing over her and she was WORKING it with little smiles and cute noises! LOL Pat worked late so, I had Syd bathed, fed and asleep before he called for us to come get him so, I moved her quietly to her car seat and she slept the entire time we were en route. When we got home, she went right back to her crib without a fuss! She slept through till 7am which, she hadn’t done the two nights prior. For some reason, she woke up on Thursday night at 3:30 and stayed up till 4:30 (then it was 5:30 before I could get back to sleep) and on Friday she woke up at 1:30 and didn’t go back down till 3:30 (and I again was awake enough that I didn’t get to sleep till about 5:30 or so) so, needless to say, I REALLY needed her to sleep through. We drove Patrick to work again and came home to get ready. Syd sat in her bouncy chair while I showered and got myself together and then at 9:30, I put her down for a quick nap. She woke from this nap with crying (which is NEVER a good sign) and the day just got progressively worse from there! We dressed her (my mom was over as we went to the Christening together) and got her loaded into the carseat with tons of fussing but then, she settled for most of the drive to the church. After some investigating at the church, I could tell she was getting PRETTY tired but, being the nosy baby she was, it took most of the service for me to get her to sleep. She finally passed out and I put her in her carseat but, every time James (the baby being Christened) cried, she woke from her slumber. Then, just as we were getting ready to leave the church she had a MAJOR meltdown! I got her settled after some time and got her into the car. Instead of passing out as I had hoped she would, she fussed the ENTIRE drive to the reception location. She was in a good mood for about 1/2 an hour once we got to the reception but then she had another MAJOR meltdown and I could not get her to settle down. FINALLY, she passed out (probably from sheer exhaustion at this point) and slept for about 1 hour. She was ok for a bit again but then got cranky cranky cranky and that lead to the 3rd MAJOR meltdown of the day. I was about ready to lose my mind! 😦 We left shortly after dessert because I had to pick Patrick up at 6pm and, I had had enough! My hope was that she would fall asleep on the drive and I would have some peace! LOL There was a bit of fussing to start but, after a few extra bumps (when you have a cranky baby, potholes become your friend) she fell asleep. After we picked up her dad and started towards home, she had her 4th MAJOR meltdown of the day! 😦 Thankfully, my mom was in the backseat and was able to get her to settle down. Once she was home, Pat changed her into a new sleeper (she was a little wet from crying and drooling) and then gave her a bottle BUT,

wait for it….

not before her 5th MAJOR meltdown of the day. Once she had the bottle and some cuddles with daddy, we gave her some Tempra, put her in her crib and have not heard more than a small cough since! (THANK GOODNESS!!)

So, I am guessing that we are dealing with teething…that…together with bad naps was a REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD combination. In my distress, I did managed to snap off ONE picture (the entire day)

Our most peaceful moment of the day!!!

Well, I am off to bed. Syd has her Physio appointment tomorrow morning so I will try and get on in the afternoon and update!!



  1. Those pictures are the cutest! 🙂
    From that peaceful picture in the stroller, you would never know that she caused so much trouble!! LMAO!!

    I’m sorry to hear about Sandra’s Grandmother. 😦 Please let her know that I’m thinkin’ of her. {{HUGS}}

    Good luck at the Physio appt!!

    • Tell me about it! She slept soooo peacefully once she was down. Unfortunately, the peace only lasted about 45 minutes! LOL

      I will let Sandra know that you are thinking of her the next time I chat with her.

  2. Ice Cream Formula Flavour makes so much sense….and she’s going to be really good on the computer – although I think being in front of a camera may be her first love.

    I’m sorry to hear about Sandra’s Grandmother…I hope her flight was well.

    • Yes, in front of the camera is certainly going to be her first love. It is getting increasingly difficult to get candid shots of her.

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