Posted by: mommyq | November 8, 2005

The life of a single mother….

I am really happy that Pat is enjoying his new job but, I have to say, I MISS HIM! 😦

He had a full week last week with teaching (Tuesday-Thursday) and then got a call from his new employer as they wanted him to start training Friday-Sunday. He also got his new schedule and he will be working rotating shifts. He was supposed to start on Tuesday but got a call on Monday after Syd’s physio appointment asking if he wanted to take a shift that night from 7pm – 7am so he jumped on it. This means he will be working till Sunday so, the next time I will get to go to bed with my husband is Monday night!

So, Monday, we got up bright and early and were out the door by 8am (so we would have enough time to grab coffee!!) and arrived at the hospital with a few minutes to spare. We met with and were taken in by the physio therapist almost immediately. She took us to the “children’s” room which was a nice big bright room that reminded my of a Kindergarten class. There were stickers on the walls, lots of mirrors, a table with the little chairs and, gym mats tucked over in a corner. We went over the history and answered some questions and then handed the baby over to the therapist for a meet and greet! LOL The first thing she did was check Syd’s range of motion by walking her around the room and letting her naturally look at the various stickers. She also held her in front of the mirror and tipped her from side to side and then had her focus her attention on a butterfly sticker and moved her around to see how she moved her neck. She was fairly happy with what she saw and explained that Syd’s torticollis was very very mild. She also explained that TRUE torticollis is caused by an injury or hematoma in the neck which Syd did not have but, any time that a baby really favors one side over another, they will still use the term to describe it. Once she was done with the torticollis, she moved to the mat. Pat wanted some Syd time so he worked with the physio therapist while I got to sit and enjoy my coffee. They worked with her on her side with a toy in front of her trying to get her to turn her head and flip her body. Then, they flipped and worked on the other side. Syd was in REALLY great spirits so this portion of the therapy went VERY smoothly. They got her to flip onto her tummy and then did some work with her lifting her head and turning in each direction. She then sat down with us and discussed the home exercises and play techniques that she wanted us to do a few times each day. She wanted to do this BEFORE the actual stretching and massage as she said that part often caused tears and unhappiness so, it would be easier to do it first! LOL

We switched and I took Syd while daddy took his coffee and we moved to the massage table to work on some neck stretches. The physio therapist held her shoulders and told me to tilt and stretch Syd’s head to one side (bring her ear to her shoulder). We did it on her good side first and met no resistance….then, we switched to the bad side and Syd was pushing back against my hands the entire time. She lasted really long with this before getting upset so I was VERY proud of her. We switched back again and Pat was shown the same stretching exercise. Pat wasn’t able to hold the stretch as long as I could as she was pretty upset at this point and he was afraid of hurting his little princess. So, the therapist suggested that when we do it at home, Pat should hold the shoulders while I stretch her neck! HA HA

We scheduled her next appointment on Pat’s day off next week so we could take her together.

So, all in all I am pretty happy with the therapist and the experience in general. I think this will work out doing wonders for Syd’s neck and hopefully ensure that she doesn’t fall behind developmentally. (Heck, I think ANY baby would benefit from spending an hour once per week with somebody trained to foster development!)

Other than that, our week has been pretty unexciting. Syd and I went out for a few hours this afternoon while daddy was home sleeping! We hit Toys R Us so I could get a positioning wedge for Syd’s car seat. We walked around for a good 45 minutes and Syd didn’t know where to look first! LOL She loved all of the colors and sounds of Toys R Us. I then spent the rest of the day getting caught up on my laundry (that got a little out of control this weekend).

Well, I should go and fold my last basket of laundry and then get everything put away.



  1. Oh Sue, it’s too bad we don’t live closer…we could keep each other company! πŸ™‚

    Glad to hear that Syd’s neck is really improving!! WTG!

    • Oh it would be fantastic Dana. Just think of all the SHOPPING we could do! LOL I still have my fingers crossed that you guys will move back soon.

  2. I’m all updated now Suzie. What made you think she was favoring one side over the other? Was it obvious? I’m wondering if it’s something I may not be paying attention to.
    Glad to hear things are going well in therapy though.


    • She favored the one side pretty much from bith but, when we had it looked at by the doctor, it was really bad….her ear was to her shoulder.

  3. Glad to hear that Pat is enjoying his new job. The night shift sucks -I remember it well. Sounds like the physio is really going to be a good experience for you all πŸ™‚

    Toys R Us…I can only imagine…

  4. Yeah, nights suck! I was just saying to Pat the ONLY good thing about it is getting coffee at 8:00 in the morning.

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