Posted by: mommyq | November 13, 2005

Tired, tired, mommy….

Well, I guess my journal is turning into a weekly thing! LOL It just gets to be too much to download my pics from the camera, resize them, upload them and then post.

It is very strange because as I have said before, Syd is a GREAT night sleeper (going down at 7pm and staying asleep until 7am – 8am) but, for the last 2 months, she has had 2 nights where she wakes up at about 2am and does not go back to sleep till about 5am. It happens for 2 night and then she goes back to her usual routine. Thursday and Friday were her 2 nights this month so, I have been really really tired. Last night she slept through and I thankfully got to sleep from midnight to 7am. I figure after a few more nights of sleeping straight, I will be back to normal.

I got a pic of our Toys R Us visit…that I blogged about last time.

We were at Toys R Us to buy a head support that was suggested by the physio therapist since the regular one never worked for her and only managed to make the situation worse so, that should be the last pic we have with towels and receiving blankets shoved next to her head to keep her from falling asleep and tilting her head to the right. LOL

I also managed to get some pics of Syd in her Hot Pepper costume and I have to say, it worked out for the best because the butterfly was SOO much cuter:

It was a bit big for her and the hat/stem did not fit quite right.

Friday we decided to have a mini photo session since we hadn’t done on in a while so, we went with a couch/sitting shot. Since she is teething, her fingers are ALWAYS in her mouth so, it is getting harder to get a pic of her without them jammed in there:

and then, I finally got her to pose for me without her hands but, by then, she had DROOLED all over herself:

but, being the photographer extrodinaire that I am (ha ha) I was able to get her on an angle so that the shadow from the light covered the drool stain and still displayed the message on her shirt:

The only thing I FORGOT to do was comb her hair nicely! HA HA I am soo used to looking at her rooster head that I don’t even think it looks messy anymore until I see it in pictures and think…OMG…she has crazy hair!

Saturday we went and got my mom, did a bit of shopping at Wal-mart. I put her in her new fall coat and hat and she looked like SUCH a little diva:

(this has moved to the top of my list as cutest picture of all time!)

We were in the check out line paying for our purchases when a man walked passed and was smiling and engaging little Syd. Without a word he then went, got his wife and brought her back and said, “Isn’t that the most adorable little outfit you have ever seen!” HA HA HA Men aren’t usually the most observant creatures so I thought it was too funny! LOL LOL

Then went to visit with Cathy, Vee and the girls at their mom’s house. Syd was a cranky pants at first (which is becoming par for the course these days with her dang teeth) but, was in much better spirits after some Tempra and a nice nap.

We were able to get some pics of the three pretty girls:

Madelaine and Oliva get prettier and prettier every day. They are starting to look less like little girls and more like little ladies. My brother is going to have his hands full with these two when they start the “dating” game. YIKES

So, tonight is the last night before I get my husband back for a few days and I am soooo excited about it. It is so much harder than I thought it would be to be alone at night. Basically, I have to stay up till I am totally exhausted so I can crawl into bed and pass out. Otherwise, I lay there and it takes me FOREVER to get to sleep. Pat thought he was funny last night, he put one of his CPR dolls in the bed to keep my company. Obviously it didn’t work to help me sleep better but, at 4:30 in the morning when I got up to pee, it DID scare the crap out of me when I got back to bed! LOL I had completely forgotten about it.

Well, I am off. We are thinking of taking Syd to the pool this morning if it is nice and warm and introducing her to a bigger tub! LOL I picked up some Little Swimmers from Wal-mart yesterday so we are ALL set. I will be sure to blog with pics when we get back!!!


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