Posted by: mommyq | November 16, 2005

What a little munchkin!

I tell you, my little girl is quite the little princess. Here were are at one minute after midnight on November 17 and she just woke up to make sure that I logged onto the computer, updated my blog and posted her special message.

Cheeky she is I tell you. I guess she didn’t trust that I would do it on my own so she just HAD to get up and supervise! 😉

Cathy has been my best friend since the ripe old age of 15 and, is now a loving godmother to Sydney!! We hope you have a fantastic birthday Cath.

We have had a pretty busy week here. Pat was home Monday and Tuesday and it was SOOOOO nice to have my hubby come to bed with me on Monday night!!! I guess I had been staying up really late all last week since it was hard for me to go to bed alone so, Monday, we were in bed by 10pm and he said I was asleep by 10:30! HA HA After I went to sleep, he snuck downstairs to grab a pop from the vending machine and came back up. Now, I don’t remember much of this but, from what he told me Tuesday morning, when he opened the pop can, I was startled awake (but still half asleep) so, he said “sorry honey” and I responded with a sleepy “no, that’s ok…it is the best sound in the world because it means you are home with me” and then I passed back out! LMAO Yes, I am a loser.

Monday Syd and I had a Baby Food making class at the Early Years Centre and it was loads of fun. Syd got to socialize with other babies and I got to socialize with some other moms AND learned the basics for making my own baby food. The class is 3 weeks long every Monday at 1pm. The first week I had to miss due to a prior booking but, according to the instructor, all they did was do a taste comparison between fresh baby food and store bought. We made green beans, carrots and a broccoli cauliflower mix. The Early Years has a resource centre where you can sign out books, toys etc. so, I signed out this cool Lamaze mirror to use during tummy time. I figure that I can give toys a try to see if she likes them before buying anything. So, to celebrate, we did a mirror photo session (mommies favorite pasttime). A few of the better shots:

My little picture bug saw the camera in the mirror and was making poses! LOL She finally realized she wasn’t looking DIRECTLY at me and turned to give me a straigh on pose:

She is toooo funny!! Well, I am off to bed to get some much needed sleep. I managed to get a nap in today and slept in a bit this morning thanks to my loving husband who realized I needed it and got up with the baby. I have been feeling a little run down lately and am PRAYING that I am not coming down with a cold.



  1. My Dearest Syndey,

    You almost made me cry with the birthday wish!!! Thank you so much for remembering and for being so creative!!!

    Lots of Love,

    Your old 31 year old Numka

    • Happy 31st b-day Cathy!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Have a great day!:)

      • Thanks Dane!!! 🙂

    • Your dearest Sydney was so happy that she could have made your day! (except the ALMOST making you cry offended her…she thought for SURE you were going to be a weeping mess! HA HA JUST KIDDING)

      Hope you had a great day!

  2. The classes sound like so much fun, Sue! Man, I’ve gotta move back…I tell ya!

    Love the mirror pics. Your little girl is turning into quite the model. 🙂

    • They are great! And yes, if you guys lived here we could TOTALLY go to the classes together as they are for moms and children 0-6 years! Any news on that front?

  3. I l-o-v-e the hair and the fact that because of the camera angle you couldn’t see it in the mirror. She’s getting so big…

    Baby food classes sound fun. I know someone who makes their own baby food and they say that they can tell the difference with their son when he’s had store bought and regular…

    Hope you feel better so you can spend as much time as possible with Pat and Syd.


    • Aha…the rooster dooo….I tell ya…I think she will have that dang thing FOREVER! Poor kid will be sitting with a hair dresser on her wedding day trying to get her dang hair to stay down! LOL

      I wasn’t there for the taste test but, I am SURE that the homemade stuff tastes WAY better. I will make as much as I can and freeze it but, I also don’t have a problem with giving her the jar stuff for convenience. I just have to find the one with the LEAST amount of preservatives and added crap! 🙂

  4. Which EYC do you go to Suzie? I used to go all the time with Ty to the one in Whitby on Michael Blvd. but haven’t been since Vanessa was born. I need to get back into that. Very ambitious of you to want to make your own food for Syd. What a lucky girl!!

    • I go to the one in Pickering (Whites Road north of Hwy 2) and I really like it! It is clean, the staff are friendly and it is never CRAZY busy. There is also a Dominion in the same plaza so on Saturdays while Pat and Syd do the Daddy and Me class, I get a few hours to my self to get a coffee and do some grocery shopping (which I actually LIKE doing! HA HA).

      I figured I would give the baby food a try because a) I heard it was easy and b) I like the idea of knowing exactly what she is getting. Mind you, I am far from anti jar food and plan to have those on hand as well for those days when I need them.

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